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Hondros College To Host Hondros Homecoming: Alumni & Networking Event


COLUMBUS, Ohio, PRNewswire Hondros College announces a special networking event exclusive to its alumni. The College has invited alumni to attend a Homecoming event that will be on October 6, 2016 at the Westerville Campus. This event is free to Hondros Alumni Association members. Two guests of honor will speak at the Hondros Homecoming event…. Read more

My Journey to Becoming a Real Estate Agent


My Journey To Becoming A Real Estate Agent For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in becoming a real estate agent. My Dad likes to tell the story of how I would beg and plead for him to take me to open houses on Sundays when I was growing up…. Read more

6 Key Trends: State of the Nation’s Housing Report


Published by Harvard University’s Join Center for Housing Studies, the State of the Nation’s Housing Report uses data from a number of sources, including the US Census Bureau, HUD, Bureau of Economic Analysis, NAR, Zillow and a number of other sources to develop its findings. Overall, the report indicates positive trends for the housing industry…. Read more

The Buyer’s Blog: My First Time Home Buying Experience, Part II


Some homebuyers struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They keep getting outbid on an offer, their dream home hasn’t popped up on the market, or they are just plain frustrated constantly looking at homes that aren’t right for them. You might remember from Part I of my blog that we… Read more

The Buyer’s Blog: My First Home Buying Experience, Part I


Most adults dream of being homeowners, saying “So long” to their monthly rent checks, “Adios” to the noisy neighbors and penny pinching landlords, and “Peace out” to the bedrooms that could be comparable to shoe boxes. Yes, owning your own home is a dream; however, getting there could be a nightmare depending on the situation…. Read more

Student Success Story: Meet Jimmie Bell, Insurance Agent

Blog, Student Success Stories

Hondros College values every student we’re fortunate enough to teach. Being able to follow each student’s path to success drives our passion to continuously provide quality education that helps students change careers and their lives. Jimmie Bell is a 2008 alumnus of our insurance program. Having been in real estate for years and taking classes… Read more

Mobile Productivity for the Professional


Have you ever wished you were near a computer to address a client concern, when all you had was your smartphone? Asked to do an impromptu presentation, but all your Power Points and notes were on the desk in your office, not in your hands? Or asked to forward information to a colleague, only to… Read more

Brexit Vote Shocks Markets!


The unexpected Brexit vote, where United Kingdom voters have elected to leave the European Union, came as an unexpected shock to financial markets.  All across the world, stocks are down, and “safe haven” assets like Gold and United States Treasuries are up. “It will cause sales to slow for the near term then start climbing… Read more

Student Success Story: Meet Olivia Nicodemus, Real Estate Agent

Blog, Student Success Stories

We love getting the chance to brag about our alumni! As we’ve previously posted, you’ll see that our graduates often find great success. Olivia Nicodemus finish her pre-licensing courses with us in 2006 and completed our Associate Degree Program in 2007. Starting her real estate career when she was just 19, she quickly learned the… Read more

Tina Lapp is installed as 2016 President of REEA!


At Hondros, one of our values we were founded on is the concept of giving back. Whether to the community, our employees or our students you can find examples everyday of Hondros quietly doing the right thing. Many employees also volunteer for local and national organizations.  In that spirit we are proud to announce Tina… Read more

6 Ways to Prepare for the Appraisal Process


The central Ohio housing market is being threatened by low appraisals. According to a recent Dispatch article, “…appraisers are concluding that some homes simply aren’t worth what buyers are offering to pay. The findings are forcing deals to be renegotiated and, in some cases, killed.” Appraisals are used by mortgage companies as a way to… Read more

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