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Qualities of a Great Insurance Agent

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Becoming an insurance agent can be a very rewarding experience. As an agent, you deal with people and/or businesses every day, helping these entities understand their exposure to certain types of risks or life accidents. These events, if not protected by the proper types and amounts of insurance coverage, can destroy a business or place… Read more

Must-Read Productivity Hacks for Insurance Agents

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Feel unproductive as an insurance agent? You’re not the only one. Research suggests that only 7 percent of workers feel productive during work hours. The remaining 93 percent? Well, like you, they feel unmotivated, uninspired, and unambitious at work. A little organization will get you back on track and make you feel like a happier,… Read more

How to Create a Perfect Insurance Agent Elevator Pitch

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Imagine you could secure a new client in about the time it takes to ride an elevator, from the top floor to the bottom. An elevator pitch lets you do exactly that. It’s a brief synopsis of your background, skills, and experience in the insurance sector. Do it right, and you’ll win over a new… Read more

Should You Hire Independent Contractors or Full-Time Employees for Your Insurance Team

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Independent contractors will make up half of the American workforce by the year 2020, and many insurance agencies are hiring these staff on a short-term basis to take advantage of their specialized skill sets or to cover a busy period. As an insurance agent, you might be thinking about hiring a contractor (or two) in… Read more

New Insurance Customers: 11 Things to Include in Their Welcome Kit

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As an insurance agent, you’ll need to build a welcome kit for new insurance customers. Basically, a welcome kit is a folder with all those crucial documents customers need when they take out insurance — stuff like business cards, important phone numbers, policy papers, you name it. Sure, you’ll have all of these things on… Read more

Plain Language: Insurance Agent’s Secret Weapon

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What Is Plain Language Plain language conveys information so the intended audience can read, understand, and act upon it. It means using the most straightforward language that accurately conveys the meaning, not simply “dumbing down”. Why Use Plain Language In Insurance Complex language doesn’t make you look more intelligent. You can only explain a concept… Read more

How Insurance Agents Cross-Sell to Current Clients

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As an insurance agent, cross-selling will provide you with a significant stream of income. You might earn a commission or bonus for every financial product you cross-sell, so this is a great way to make some extra cash. Cross-selling to current clients is far easier than trying to convince new customers to take out extra… Read more

How to Sell Value-Based Insurance

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Selling value-based insurance design (V-BID) can prove lucrative. Launched in 2017, Medicare V-BID will roll out across the United States over the new few years and should increase in popularity. Getting acquainted with the ins and outs of V-BID right now, however, could provide you with exciting new career opportunities in the future. As an… Read more

Sales Tips for Insurance Agents

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Have you ever sold something? Lemonade when you were a kid? An old comic book collection over the internet? Even credit card insurance over the phone? While that’s great, none of these selling techniques are going to work when it comes time to selling insurance. Why? Because, insurance is a unique beast, and, as a… Read more

When Should Your Clients Review Their Insurance Policies?

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Reviewing insurance is like servicing your car — it’s something you should do on a regular basis to save money in the long run. The problem is, most people don’t review their insurance policies at all. They still pay for policies from years ago and never shop around for the best deals. As an insurance… Read more

Should You Teach Insurance?

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After several years working as an insurance agent, you might be looking for new opportunities. Teaching insurance to students who are looking to enter the industry or other agents who want to brush up on their job skills can provide you with a second income and lots of job satisfaction. But how do you know… Read more

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