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Needed Change to Ohio’s Good Funds Law


In 2016, for the first time in 20 years, the Ohio legislature updated Ohio’s Good Funds Law. The changes were intended to address fraud as it relates to certified checks, money orders, and other financial instruments. In April of 2017, the changes became effective and almost immediately raised compliance issues in the real estate industry…. Read more

The Top 5 Keys to Real Estate Agent Success


So, you have made the decision to pursue a career in real estate. Good for you! You most likely understand the education needed to stand for the state exam, but what about the personal characteristics you need to be a successful agent? How does your personality match up with the industry’s most successful agents? Several… Read more

Online License Renewal Active July 17, 2017


The Ohio Division of Real Estate is making another great improvement to the services it provides to real estate licensees, this time involving online license renewal. As you know, the Division has provided for a number of years online access to view licensee information, coursework, and enforcement history. Soon, real estate professionals will benefit from… Read more

Classroom or Online Real Estate Courses: What’s the Best Fit for You?


You want to get your real estate license, but don’t know the best way to prepare. You can choose between classroom or online real estate pre-licensing courses – both offer the same material, so which is best? It comes down to what type of learner you are. We’ve put together a list of the different… Read more

Student Success Story: Meet James Arnos, Real Estate Agent

Blog, Student Success Stories

At Hondros College, we take pride in educating some of the top performing real estate agents in Ohio. We enjoy the opportunity to stay connected with our students following completion of their real estate education. We sat down with Hondros alum, James Arnos who graduated in December 2014, to learn about his time at Hondros… Read more

6 Perks of Becoming a Real Estate Agent


Whether you’re looking for a fresh start from your 9-5 or considering your first job, becoming a real estate agent is a great career choice. There are many benefits of a flexible career, and if you’re self-motivated and hard-working, you will likely find success by choosing real estate. Here are a few of the many reasons… Read more

Getting The Most Out Of Online Real Estate CE


If you are like most real estate licensees in Ohio, you have 21 hours of electives to choose from towards fulfilling the 30 hour CE requirement every three years. And again, like most licensees, you may elect to take one or all of the courses in an online environment. There are a wide range of… Read more

To Uber Or Not To Uber? That Is The Question.


In today’s electronic age of buying products and services via the internet, most transactions require the consumer to accept an agreement of terms regarding how the product will be delivered or how the services will be performed. Many of us under either personal blind trust in the honesty of mankind or simply the need to… Read more

Student Success Story: Meet Stacie Testaguzza, Real Estate Agent

Blog, Student Success Stories

As the leader in real estate education, Hondros College prides itself on educating some of the top-performing real estate agents in Ohio. It’s our mission to continue our relationships with our students following completion of their real estate education. We sat down with recent Hondros alumna, Stacie Testaguzza, who sells real estate part-time with Keller… Read more

Make 2017 Your Best Real Estate Year Yet


I hope your 2017 has gotten off to an amazing start for your real estate business. The Ohio real estate market is HOT right now and I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 has in store. Do you want to make 2017 your best year in real estate EVER? Here are 3… Read more

Sniffing the trail for a Supervisory Appraiser


The other day while casually scanning some employment ads in a local newspaper, I noticed something that had never caught my eye before. Most, if not all, of the advertisements specified that interested job applicants were required to respond to the ad electronically, and not physically present themselves in person or by telephone. Furthermore, most… Read more

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