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Top Tips for Recruiting Freelancers

Industry Articles

In the real estate business, you work with freelancers every day. You might contract work out to inspectors, electricians, handymen, videographers, or real-estate marketers. As more real estate businesses utilize the huge freelance market, how do you source the best talent? How do you recruit the right workers remotely? There are many websites to hire… Read more

What To Do When Your Digital Work Is Stolen

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One of a licensee’s largest professional expenditures is on self and client marketing and promotion. Licensee’s spend significant time and resources on developing their brand, whether it be through designing a website, publishing a blog, or displaying photographs. When a competitor pirates your work, it can be detrimental not only to your brand but also… Read more

How to Know Whether a Client Qualifies for a USDA Loan

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As a mortgage loan officer (MLO), you will have clients in all different types of situations. They will be looking to you to provide the information they need to make an informed decision about how they’ll finance their home. A conventional loan may not be the right answer for every client. For example, if you… Read more

Four Ways a Plumber Can Help Determine if a Home is Worth Flipping

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Flipping a house can be a great way to make a lot of money within a fairly short period of time. In order for a house flip to be as lucrative as it can be, there needs to be a minimal investment in the remodeling that needs to happen. A great way to ensure that… Read more

Real Estate Commission Issues License Revocations 

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In its Fall of 2018 Newsletter, the Ohio Real Estate Commission disclosed three cases where it issued license revocations to two brokers and one salesperson. Licensees that are subject to a disciplinary revocation are prohibited from further practices as a real estate salesperson or broker in Ohio. The first case involved a broker from Euclid,… Read more

When Do Your Clients Need Umbrella Insurance?

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Most of your clients will probably be unaware of umbrella insurance. In short, it’s an additional liability insurance that provides them with much more coverage than regular insurance. Think of it as an extra layer of financial security. Umbrella insurance comes with a wide range of benefits, but when should you offer this type of… Read more

Congrats to Our December 2018 Instructor of The Month – Craig Gatzulis

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We’re happy to announce the winner of December 2018’s Instructor of the month – Craig Gatzulis! This two-time winner of the Hondros Instructor of the month has been with us for 19 years. Before working at Hondros, Craig managed a real estate office for 10 years. There, he learned a lot from other agents and… Read more

Ohio to Abolish Dower Rights

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On November 14, 2018, H.B. 407 was referred to the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration. The legislation which generally proposes to abolish dower rights in Ohio was passed by the Ohio House of Representatives in June of this year. If the legislation becomes law, Ohio will join 47 other states that have already abolished… Read more

What Are Desktop and Hybrid Appraisal Products?

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What happens when a client requests for “alternative appraisal products”? They may call it a desktop appraisal, an evaluation, a value-check, or any one of a myriad of catchy titles. In a residential appraiser’s world of churning out URAR forms every day, this could be new territory. What is needed in a “desktop” or a… Read more

Realtors, Clients, and Nanny Cams at Open Houses

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On August 10, 1948, Allen Funt brought the funny, popular, and long-running show “Candid Camera” to television. It turns out Mr. Funt was good at predicting the future because cameras are all around us these days. We can’t walk a step without seeing someone take a photo or video with their cell phone. Or watch… Read more

Homebuyers Protected by Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act

Industry Articles

Homebuyers that are subjected to unfair or deceptive practices (from their lender, mortgage broker or appraiser) during the home buying process have options under Ohio’s Homebuyer Protection Act. Adopted in the 1970’s, the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act or (CSPA) protects consumers from a supplier’s deceptive practices in a consumer transaction. In 2006, the law… Read more

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