Real Estate Agent vs. Realtor®: What’s the Difference?

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Many people use the terms “real estate agent” and “Realtor® ” interchangeably. However, there are big differences between the two titles. Both titles require you to complete standard real estate licensing requirements, but Realtors®  complete additional professional certifications. If you’re interested in taking real estate classes, understanding these distinctions can help you create a tailored… Read more

5 Ways to Network as a Real Estate Agent

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Learning how to network as a real estate agent is one of the most important skills you can develop. Networking allows you to learn from the experience of others, gain new clients, and promote yourself and your business.  If you’re struggling to build your network, we recommend following our three golden rules. Focusing on the… Read more

Real Estate Career Opportunities for the Undecided Student

Blog, Real Estate

If you’re exploring professional paths to pursue after you finish your real estate education, there are plenty of real estate career opportunities available to you! Whether you’re interested in communication, law, finance, or anything in between, there’s a job for you. (And if you’re interested in becoming a real estate agent or real estate broker,… Read more

Mastering Local SEO for Real Estate Agents

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  As you grow your real estate business, it’s important to understand search engine optimization (SEO) and its potential impact on your website. If done correctly, you can see hundreds or even thousands of new visitors to your website. These visitors will hopefully turn into leads and eventually new business!  We’ve explained why SEO is… Read more

Northwest Ohio’s Growing Real Estate Market

Blog, Real Estate

Ohio’s diverse population, cities, and attractions have created a massive opportunity for real estate agents. The state’s stable economy, relatively low cost of living, and thriving real estate market make it appealing to many prospective buyers.  In recent years, northwest Ohio, known for its agricultural and industrial impact, has become an affordable and safe place… Read more

On-Page SEO for Real Estate Agents

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As potential home buyers continue to use the internet to find new homes and rental properties, the importance of having a quality website has become more important than ever before. In our other blogs, The Importance of SEO for Real Estate Agents and Mastering Local SEO for Real Estate Agents, we discuss how understanding search engine… Read more

Arizona Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2020

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Over the past decade, America’s real estate market has been growing steadily. So, Arizona’s real estate market growth has been particularly strong. According to Arizona’s Office of Economic Opportunity, employment is expected to grow 2.6% by 2021 due to expansion in construction, health services, and manufacturing. High employment rates and a booming economy creates a… Read more

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Real Estate Agents

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According to the National Association of Realtors, 44% of all people begin their home buying journey by searching online for property listings. So, what does this mean for real estate agents? It means it’s no longer enough to just have a website and publish content every so often. In order to attract those home buyers… Read more

Northern Virginia’s Housing Markets Are Heating Up

Blog, Real Estate

Virginia’s real estate market was one of the nation’s hottest housing markets in 2019. Despite a rocky end to 2018 (including stock market volatility, high mortgage rates, and the government shutdown) homebuying trends improved in 2019 and are only expected to increase in the coming years. As major companies like Amazon establish their headquarters in… Read more

The Best (Free!) Project Management Software

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Whether you’re a student or a working professional, chances are you’ve had to manage at least one big project in your career. That’s where project management software comes in. With cloud-based software, you can easily track your project status, communicate with collaborators, and even keep your own to-do lists in one place.  Managing multiple priorities,… Read more

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