USPAP Update in 4th Exposure Draft

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Appraisers know that from, time-to-time, an exposure draft is initiated by the Appraisal Foundation, offering proposed changes to USPAP for public comments. And they also know that these are often mundane proposals, specific to one discipline of appraisal, or tweaks to definitions. What is different this time is that the Appraisal Foundation has issued a… Read more

Division of Real Estate Adopts New Administrative Rules


The Division of Real Estate has adopted a series of rule changes that went in to effect February 10, 2019. The rules address implementation of HB 532, which among other things established Principal Brokers, Associate Brokers, and Management Level Brokers & Salespersons. The rules also provide a series of other changes affecting advertising, continuing education,… Read more

7 Marketing Tips for Mortgage Loan Officers


The mortgage loan industry is extremely competitive. This means you’ll need to make the most of every marketing opportunity available. The following are several marketing tips to give you a competitive edge. 1. Update Your Website Updating your website on a regular basis is a necessity when trying to stay relevant in the digital age…. Read more

Congrats to Our March 2019 Instructor of The Month – Larry Pope

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We’re happy to announce the winner of March 2019’s Instructor of the month – Larry Pope! This former marine has been with us for a year and a half. Before working at Hondros, Larry was a Hondros alum, completing his real estate pre and post-licensing with us. Hondros’ ability to “interact with individuals from various… Read more

Understanding Land Banks


Another consequence of the mortgage loan crisis was the incursion of vacant, abandoned and unsafe properties. These blighted properties adversely impact communities and neighborhoods. The property values of nearby properties are negatively impacted, as a result of overrun yards, trash accumulation, vandalism, squatters, and crime. Blighted properties are also associated with health concerns, such as… Read more

Real Estate Agent and Appraisers – Why Can’t We Be Friends?


There’s chatter online these days concerning the “rotten appraiser” who “killed my last deal”. Those agents will make sure appraisers never get assigned another appraisal for their sales. Are agents and appraisers really destined to be adversaries? Let’s take a look at a typical transaction: As the listing agent, your first contact with the appraiser… Read more

How Home Inspectors Cross-Promote with Local Businesses


Have you ever bought a hamburger at McDonald’s and automatically bought a Coca-Cola to go with it? You have been touched by cross-promotion. Think how your home inspection business would thrive if other businesses included you in their marketing plan, without charging you a dime. Think how fast your name would spread if it appeared… Read more

Immigration and The Fair Housing Act


The national dialog about immigration raises questions on whether landlords may inquire about a prospective tenant’s status during the application process. HUD has issued guidance through its “Did You Know That” campaign that housing discrimination against immigrants or because of a person’s national origin is illegal. The fair housing law protects everyone in the U.S.,… Read more

5 Ways to Build a 100{390721cc1d7de5628c8bff762377c4ecb0f97639c66a1a81632a43b575104baa} Referral-Based Business


Imagine you didn’t have to spend cash on advertising your real estate business. Or waste hours searching for new clients. Imagine if clients came to you. Imagine if these clients told other clients about you. Running a 100 percent referral-based business comes with loads of benefits. Whether you’re a broker, appraiser, insurance agent, or home… Read more

How to Grow Your Home Inspection Business


Over 5 million pre-existing homes are sold each year. Homes that are being purchased with a mortgage loan will have to be inspected. If you are a home inspector, you know all too well how competitive this industry is. Finding ways to make your business stand out from others in your area is essential. Are… Read more

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