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What Your Appraisal Clients Want

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So, you do your best on every appraisal. You take your time and do thorough research. You carefully analyze the data, support the adjustments, and arrive at well-supported value opinions. And discover that your best client is giving the bulk of their work to your competitor! What’s going on? Just take a moment and look… Read more

Evaluations: Appraisal Foundation Releases Concept Paper

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According to the Appraisal Foundation, requests for evaluations are on the rise. A concept paper on this subject is the discussion for the TAFAC meeting this October in Arlington, Virginia. The author is Wayne R. Miller, Chair of the Appraisal Standards Board. TAFAC is The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council, which is composed of 60 non-profit… Read more

USPAP Frequently Asked Questions for Appraisal Part 1

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These are questions most residential appraisers have asked themselves and wanted answers to – in a hurry. But the answers are in an unexpected place – the Frequently Asked Questions section of the USPAP document! Yes, that’s right. The huge section in the back of the USPAP document that you look at once a year,… Read more

4-Unit Property: Appraising The Tough Ones

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A new appraisal order comes in, and you discover it’s a 4-unit property… and the groaning begins. You don’t have time for this – the phone calls to verify rents, the lack of comps, and more. What is it that makes these appraisals so challenging? At least two approaches will be in the scope of… Read more

Is the Appraisal Management Company (AMC) Model Broken

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It’s a common subject in appraiser forums, chat rooms, and Facebook pages – a discussion of the pros and cons of working with appraisal management companies (AMC). For those appraisers who have been appraising long enough to have only worked with “direct lenders”, the desire for the “good old days” is strong. Let’s take a… Read more

Top 8 USPAP Myths

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With many appraisers doing most of their work for lender-clients, they have become very familiar with the guidelines of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other programs’ underwriting rules. It’s common to confuse these guidelines with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) requirements – so let’s take a look at how these can get misunderstood!… Read more

The Ohio Coalition of Appraisal Professional’s Summer Seminar 2019 Recap

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The Fawcett Center at the Ohio State University was a busy place on June 19th, as a line-up of well-known speakers shared information with a huge audience of appraisers at the annual Summer Seminar, sponsored by the Ohio Coalition of Appraisal Professionals. A highlight of the day was the announcement of the winner of the… Read more

Eight Tools Every Appraiser Needs

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Most professions come with a hefty price tag to get started. You have to rent space or buy inventory, or purchase equipment that comes at a high cost. What if there was a career where you could be your own boss, work the hours you please, and was inexpensive to enter? Welcome to a great… Read more

What is an Appraisal Workfile and Why Do I Need One?

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There’s nothing like a lawsuit or a complaint to the state licensing board to get your attention regarding how you’re doing business. Part of sound business practices for appraisers should include solid documentation of the details for creating a credible appraisal report. So, what’s all the buzz about the appraisal workfile? Why do we need… Read more

How Appraisers Deal with Difficult Homeowners

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Being a real estate appraiser can be a fascinating career. After an apprenticeship under a seasoned veteran and finishing up the pre-license/certification coursework, the adventure can truly begin. However, one thing no amount of classroom instruction nor experience as an apprentice can impart is dealing with difficult homeowners/customers. The first thing you need to do… Read more

New Appraisal Requirements – Updated April 2019

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UPDATE: This appraisal education requirement change means you can become an appraiser with an Associate Degree from our affiliate company, Hondros College of Business. Hondros College of Business offers the only Associate Degree program recognized by the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) as a nationally approved education provider for appraisal. Graduates of approved programs (like the Associate… Read more

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