The Top 5 Keys to Real Estate Agent Success


5 Keys To Real Estate Agent Success

So, you have made the decision to pursue a career in real estate. Good for you! You most likely understand the education needed to stand for the state exam, but what about the personal characteristics you need to be a successful agent? How does your personality match up with the industry’s most successful agents? Several industry studies devoted their research to answering just that question! Let’s examine the top five keys to real estate agent success:

1.) Persistence

Being persistent has bubbled up in study after study as one of the main personality characteristics successful agents share. Being tenacious means that you are persistent in your efforts. Sellers and buyers BOTH appreciate the tenacity of the agent whom they hired to represent them! In these studies, the most tenacious and persistent agents were the most successful! As this is a sales related profession, the ability to never give up seems quite useful!

2.) Knowledge

Both knowledge of the profession (you learned some of this during pre-license courses), and knowledge of the local real estate market are great predicters of agent success. Your clients expect you to know both your profession and the local market! Here is an example of how powerful this can be: years ago I met an agent who showed me through a house. During the tour, he recited EXACT numbers required to refinish or replace components of the house! Needless to say, I was impressed (and bought the house) and have over the years referred business his way because of the KNOWLEDGE he showed during our meeting. Powerful! It is no surprise this is a major part of agent success!

3.) Attention To Detail

This is a profession that REQUIRES a great deal of attention to details. Missing a deadline for your client can have serious consequences. As this is a contract based profession, strong organizational skills, with acute attention to detail is also one of the major shared keys to success among agents!

4.) Assertive Attitude

An agent who is able to articulate facts assertively yet politely will earn the respect (and business!) of their clients, colleagues, and customers! This is not always easy, but it is always right, as evidenced by repeated studies showing this key trait among top producing agents!

5.) Strong Work Ethic

The last of our top five is a common characteristic of all successful agents. Homes do not sell themselves…they have to be sold! This requires doing more than the average worker, even when it may be inconvenient to do so! As an independent contractor (as most agents are), you control your time and efforts, not a boss. One can choose to work, or leisure about the pool. The ability to being self-directed in work is key to success in this profession!

There you have it! Five key personality traits found in top producing real estate agents across the country! How do you match up? Where do you excel and where might you need assistance? Speak to your Broker about how to further develop these (and other) characteristics to help you achieve the success you want!

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