Top Ways Successful MLOs Use Social Media

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Successful MLOs Social Media

As a mortgage lender, you already spend a lot of time with people. You know that marketing and networking are important, but you might be apprehensive of using social media.

There are many reasons people do not use social networking in their business. Perhaps you feel like you prefer traditional ways of face-to-face marketing, cold phone calls, or on-site communication. Perhaps you feel it takes too much time and energy. These are all legitimate reasons. But if you haven’t yet utilized social networks as an advertising platform, you are missing out.

Here are some ideas of how successful MLOs use modern mortgage marketing techniques on their social media platforms.

1. They separate their business profile from their personal one

Set up a separate business account to keep all of your postings on this strictly professional. Do your research and network with social groups or clients who are in the same industry. Doing this, you can increase your knowledge in mortgage trends, brush up on referral strategies, and get keener insights on real estate. This is not the account to post personal family holiday pictures or for venting.

2. They aren’t afraid of ratings

Be proactive about asking friends, colleagues, and former clients for business reviews and ratings. These can then be displayed on your social media pages, with links to your website and business hours. Most people looking for mortgage lending services will work with officers who come highly recommended and can be trusted. Ensure high ratings by keeping up professional relationships with your clients.

3. They are client-focused with their social media updates

Share tips and other articles that are interesting to your clients–not just to you. If you follow other MLOs in the industry, share educational and insightful tips and mortgage trends. Share useful things on your social media, and you won’t be seen as a mortgage lender who is wasting others’ time.

4. They invest time, resources and energy into social media

Just like you would invest time and resources into traditional mortgage lending marketing tactics, the same goes for social media. You can also consider hiring or outsourcing your social media needs if it becomes too time-consuming. You must see this kind of modern-day-marketing as essential for your business growth and revenue.

5. They stay appealing with positive messages, video, and visuals

Using visuals that clients will want to see and share is how you will stand out in a sea of digital noise. Learn how to make quick videos and post things that people will want to see on their feed. There is a difference between networking and spamming everyone on your list. Well-presented videos are attractive, catchy, and can share success stories. You want to keep all videos under a minute, however, as most people will scroll past anything longer.

More Tips for Better Social Networking and Marketing

Did you succeed in making someone’s dream come true? Ask them if they would not mind you snapping a picture and posting it. Success stories are best when it is about the other person’s success–not only yours.

If those who have received mortgage loans from you are able to finance a new home and are happier for it, share this with your followers. This tactic, also known as “inadvertent selling”, is a good way to market without seeming overly commercial.

As you can see, having a social media account is not just about showing the world what you ate for breakfast. The right kind of social media marketing can be used to guarantee your success as a mortgage loan officer.

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