7 Marketing Tips for Mortgage Loan Officers

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7 Marketing Tips MLOs

The mortgage loan industry is extremely competitive. This means you’ll need to make the most of every marketing opportunity available. The following are several marketing tips to give you a competitive edge.

1. Update Your Website

Updating your website on a regular basis is a necessity when trying to stay relevant in the digital age. Even something as simple as a phone number may be out of date if you’re not going over your website on a regular basis. You also want customers to see that you’re keeping up with the latest information. This means keeping all content on your website fresh and current.

2. Develop an Online Persona

Your website is only the first step when developing an online persona. You’ll need to review your LinkedIn profile and all of your social media. Developing a persona is similar to creating a brand. OutboundEngine recommends a few ways to spice up your online image. For starters, you want to make sure all your profiles are current and all information complete. You’ll also want to have a professional head shot for all your platforms. Seeing your photo will help people feel like they already know you and develop a personal connection.

3. Put Together How-To Videos

How-to and instructional videos demonstrate your expertise. Creating videos also means you’re using visuals as part of your marketing strategy. Small Business Trends suggests a few ways you can make your videos stand out. For starters, you need an interesting title and introduction that demands attention. People will tune out before the video even starts if it’s perceived as boring or not relevant. You also want to make sure your video can be viewed on mobile devices. Finally, include your website address and a call to action at the end.

4. Network the Old Fashioned Way

No matter how high-tech life becomes, there’s still no substitute for traditional networking. This includes connecting with people in person at both professional and social events. According to Ambassador, 82 percent of Americans look for recommendations from family and friends. This means that word-of-mouth marketing is as important as ever.

5. Automate without Losing the Personal Touch

You can automate everything from emails to social sharing. This saves time and money. However, you don’t want to send out standardized emails to every customer. You want to focus on what customers need instead of always promoting yourself and your services. Tweak Your Biz states that emails from “no reply domains” will almost always be ignored. It’s better to have an email address they can respond to.

6. Develop a Niche Area

Choosing a demographic niche to specialize in means you can build a reputation as an expert that area. There are several types of loans you may want to specialize in. Scotsman Guide lists other ways you can find a niche area besides specializing in specific loans. These include focusing on certain geographical areas or specific types of borrowers, such as first-time home buyers.

7. Focus on Quality not Quantity

To provide quality service it’s crucial to remember that one size does not fit all. This means that the type of support and advice you give one client is not necessarily what will work for another. This also means taking your time, doing your homework, and giving each client personalized service. If you focus on giving quality service and not on the sheer number of loans, you’re more likely to become a successful, in-demand loan officer.

Finding new and effective ways to market isn’t always easy. Following these tips and adapting them to meet your specific marketing needs can help bring in new clients while keeping existing ones happy.

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