Student Success Story: Sam Krafty, Real Estate Agent

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As a leader in real estate education, we are proud to educate some of the top performing real estate agents in Ohio. We strive to maintain our relationships with our students after their time at Hondros College. We sat down with Hondros alum, Sam Krafty, whose career in real estate has taken off since graduating from Hondros in October 2016.

Why real estate?Sam Krafty Real Estate Agent

I’ve always liked houses. I’ve always liked working on mine and I take a lot of pride in taking care of mine. I’ve always liked looking at other houses, getting ideas and going to open houses even when I wasn’t looking for a new house. What I enjoy about real estate is the opportunity to help a wide variety of people, which is a passion of mine. In real estate, it’s an opportunity to help somebody with the largest investment they’re probably going to make.

What has been your most meaningful moment in real estate?

I’m currently helping an older couple who is looking for the right property to fit them now at their late stage in their lives. They want a home that has no steps with decent size, so they can bring in their grandchildren and daughter. Also, if or when something happens to them, they want to make sure their daughter is on the deed and they will have a place to live. In this market, it’s been hard to find the perfect house in the right price range. We’ve looked at numerous homes, it’s been a lot of work, but I’m at the point where I want nothing more than to find a good fit for them.

What led you to take courses at Hondros?

My broker said it is the absolute best place to go because the students have the best results on the exams. The one thing I was afraid of: in a classroom setting, I’m not the best. I always struggled paying attention and sitting still in class, but this time, I truly enjoyed it. I never left one day tired or felt like I couldn’t pay attention. The material was fascinating and the instructors were very good, especially at mixing in real world stories throughout the class. My broker said that Hondros was where I would get the best results and I’m very glad I did, it was a great experience.

What do you wish you knew about real estate before you got into the industry?

One thing that has been a struggle, because I am new – everyone starts a conversation in this business with, “I’ve been doing this for 25 years.” I’m more in the mindset that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing it, it matters how you do it. I’m learning a lot; I don’t have the answers for everything, but I know where to find the answers.

What was the biggest challenge getting started?

I think trying to figure out where to get started. The classes do a great job of preparing you for everything you need to know, then you get you license and you have a, “Now what do I do?” moment. My broker and sales manager offered guidance and training, which was helpful, and the first thing I did was host an open house for one of our listings. That’s where my first clients came from.

What resources do you use to stay updated in the industry?

I read a lot. I’m finding myself reading new articles on real estate, the market, finding referrals, a lot of social media pages, talking to other agents – especially some more experienced ones that do this full time, though newer agents, as well, to see what is currently working for either of them. I try to devote four to five hours a day to learning or building my business.

What has made your first year so successful?

My goal this year was to reach 10 sales – five months in, I’m at 13 – but more importantly I’m enjoying helping the wide variety of people, which is where I’m keeping my focus. It’s not all about the numbers. It’s been a good start, but I feel like I could do more and I have time to do more.

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