Hondros Education Group REEA Conference Recap 2017

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Hondros Education Group REEA Conference 2017

This past June, Hondros Education Group had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Annual REEA Conference in Miami, Florida. We had several corporate associates and instructors represent HEG as event speakers, booth exhibitors, and conference attendees. Our overall goal was to improve our instructional skills and best practices, learn from national regulators and educators, and to stay on top of real estate education trends and hot topics. We plan on using this invaluable knowledge to better serve our students at Hondros Education Group through our multiple brands including: Hondros College, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business, Hondros Learning, and CompuCram. Check out the various recaps below that highlight the key takeaways from some of our HEG conference attendees.

Betsy Butler: Business Development Manager

I have attended 5 Annual REEA Conferences and the 2017 conference held in June in Miami Florida was the best yet! With more attendees than ever, it was great to be a part of discussions with leading school owners from all over the country facing the same challenges. They all welcomed ideas to expand their brand promotions. They look for partners to help them offer more interactive coursework that younger generations desire. They see talent gaps in the industries they serve and they shared new channels to market to student prospects. I had the benefit of inviting a new partner representing a very large organization to this conference. She had never attended before, but went home amazed and thankful for all the education and new opportunities. It was great to be a part of the strategies and solutions! The 2018 Annual conference in San Diego is on track to be even better!

Al Batteiger: Real Estate Faculty Manager | Conference Speaker

Once again, the REEA annual conference in Miami Fla. left no one behind. From the IDW workshops both Friday and Monday, to the keynote speakers and the individual breakout sessions. We had more of our own instructors attend than any other year and that should grow. I have never attended REEA without learning new skills as well as polishing tried and true skills we use every day. The take away from the conference is valuable to all. These are skills learned you can use the rest of your teaching days. Hence this brings about a better, more managed classroom setting. These practices can make a wonderful, engaging learning experience for all. I encourage those that have not attended to do so. Ask a few of your fellow instructors that attended this year how it was. Ask them if they greatly benefitted from the workshops and the answer will be yes. The next Conference is in San Diego Ca. Please give some strong thought to attending.

Kevin Pasch: Business Development Manager

In late June, I had the opportunity to attend my first REEA conference in Miami, FL. This conference was filled with the greatest minds and game-changers in the Real Estate Education business. My biggest take-away and general vibe surrounding the whole meeting was “change”. Change is happening to improve the industry. Change is happening to improve the product we as educators provide. Change is happening to keep our education relevant, current, and appealing for the next generation of learners. Change is not easy, and whether we like it or not, we need embrace change. Those who are willing and able to make changes will be the ones still in the industry five years down the road. Those who aren’t, will not be.

Rod Farthing: Director of Education – Real Estate

Be prepared! That was my key takeaway from this year’s REEA 2017 convention. Being prepared as in being open to, and ready for change! Change that is inevitable. Focusing on strategies that enhance the learner’s knowledge retention, incorporating new and innovative methods to do so. A great moment for me was during a technology in the classroom presentation, when the speaker said that technology is only a tool that makes the content better understood. It was a great educational conference in my opinion, far superior to previous ones.

Jacqueline VanDorn: Real Estate Instructor

My first year at REEA and enjoyed so many things about this. I joined with others that understand and know my struggles and were so helpful with alternative ideas to make the experience fun for all. I never thought I would meet other State regulators and have an interest on so many other state requirements. I found this very interesting. The speakers, ideas, and the motivational inspirations boosted me for another year of classroom excitement.

If you or someone you know is interested in attending the 2018 Annual REEA Conference, it will be held June 22nd – 25th in San Diego, California. For full event details, please visit REEA’s website.

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