Student Success Story: Meet Philip and Kyle Morrical


At Hondros College, we are proud to connect with our alumni who are successfully working after receiving their education. We sat down with Philip and Kyle Morrical, a father and son duo who have taken the Cincinnati real estate industry by storm. Phil, second generation Hondros real estate graduate, and Kyle, third generation graduate, own Morrical Realty located in Hamilton, Ohio. Both father and son started out in the industry at a young age and have since devoted their lives to all aspects of real estate.

Let’s take a look at how this family of REALTORS® became a successful name within the real estate industry.

How did your family become involved in real estate?

Phil: “I am a second generation Hondros grad, and Kyle is third generation. But this all started with my father in the early 1970’s. He worked in the paper mill but was injured in a motorcycle accident and broke his leg. Around that time he had just bought a house and the broker approached him and said ‘Have you ever thought about being an agent? You have the personality for it.’ And that was it! You could say he was a self-made man. But for myself, I took my first Principles and Practices course in high school to get to know the business. But then I decided to go a different route after graduation. I went into the military and then went into the fire service as a fire inspector for the city and the State of Ohio. About 15 years ago I was injured on duty and couldn’t work for three years. It was then that I went to Hondros to get my license, with my goal of looking for my future.”

Kyle: “I got started at a young age helping my grandfather manage the properties we owned. He would drive me around and tell me to mow the yards and collect the rent and to call him when I was done. I would do that during the summers and would also help him rehab our properties that we would flip for rent. But I also went a different direction in college; I went to Miami and got my Bachelors in athletic training and coaching and my Masters in exercise science and health promotion. But after finishing all that, I was burnt out. The week after I got my Masters degree I surprised my dad by secretly signing up for my real estate classes at Hondros. I mean, I’d always been interested in real estate because I liked being around my grandfather, and he lead an interesting life.”

What made you decide to take real estate courses with Hondros College?

Phil: “Hondros has always been the platinum standard in the education in Ohio – they were the first ones into it, they’ve refined it, and they’ve gone after the best instructors. My dad told me there was no place else to go besides Hondros. So that’s where I went. Through Hondros and the classes, I have been able to network all over the state. They are truly the best.”

Kyle: “When I started my grandfather told me the same thing. ‘Kyle, there’s only one place to go, only one place that will help you pass the test, and that’s Hondros.’ The core classes that Hondros offers provided me with a great foundation. It’s also great when your Hondros instructors call you to look at houses and you say ‘Hey, do you remember me? You were my instructor at Hondros!’”

Tell us how your life has been since receiving your real estate license.

Phil: “We do so many things that it keeps our lives interesting! I serve on the Cincinnati Area Board of REALTORS®, the Hamilton, Fairfield, and Oxford Boards of REALTORS® and I’m a member of the Ohio Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®. I served as the chair of OAR’S 2012 Commercial/Industrial Committee as well as on a number of other community and business organizations. But that aside, as Morrical Realty we do both commercial and residential real estate, receiverships for the courts, and also do Probate appraisals. We get a lot of interesting cases and houses to work with that none of the big companies want to deal with. We’ve also managed a trailer park in the past and currently manage other properties as well.”

“But being in this industry both Kyle and I get to use our past experiences with current clients. Being a former fire fighter, I have more insight into the commercial and industrial side of things. I could tell you about fire systems in buildings, furnaces in homes, those sorts of things.”

Kyle: “Having rehabbed a bunch of our own rental properties, we can show people what their house could look like during a showing. We can give them some creative direction, which really helps during a sale. My dad and I have even thought about going back to Hondros to get your home inspectors education, which could improve our business even more!”

Kyle, you are 29 years old and already a broker! How did that happen?

Kyle: “Well, it wasn’t really the plan to have my broker’s license so early. I got my real estate license in 2011 and my broker’s license in 2014. Once my grandfather passed away, we didn’t have a broker/owner for Morrical Realty anymore, and the company ceased to exist for about another year. But I had all the sales I needed due to doing receiverships for the courts and I had already been an agent for two years. But I took all my broker’s courses at Hondros and it was nice and convenient because I was able to get it done quickly. And what was really cool is that the broker that signed for my grandpa’s broker exam was the same broker that signed for mine too. In this business, you just take care of people.”

The real estate industry is continuing to grow and offers unlimited potential for Phil and Kyle. Interested in being a part of this booming profession? Call us today at 1.888.HONDROS or visit our website at and learn how you can jump start your new career!

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