Student Success Story: Meet Elton Davis

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At Hondros College, we are proud to connect with our alumni who are successfully working after receiving their education. We sat down with Elton Davis, real estate broker and 2014 graduate of the Hondros College Associate Degree of Applied Business in Business Management program.

Elton is a thriving real estate broker in the Columbus area with two office locations employing over 40 real estate agents. In 2014 Mr. Davis decided it was time to take his real estate career to the next level; but what made Elton choose Hondros College of Business for his Associate’s Degree? Let’s find out.

What did your life look like prior to attending Hondros College?

“Before I attended Hondros I was a managing partner of a small real estate brokerage in Canal Winchester. Going back even further as to how I got involved in real estate, I had come to the conclusion that I needed to make some career choices. I narrowed it down to either becoming a counselor or a real estate agent. I chose real estate agent because it was simply the easier of the two professions to get into.”

What motivated you to pursue your Associate’s Degree and ultimately choose Hondros College?

“I was looking to become a broker and one of the pieces that I needed was the 90 quarter credit hours. I looked into several different local schools and decided on Hondros because overall, I felt that it was a better fit for me. One of the best benefits was the flexibility of the courses and being able to take classes online; another was that it was more affordable than the other schools I had looked into. But most important was that Hondros had broker classes incorporated into the business degree program. At all the other schools you had to take the broker classes separate from the business courses, so I was able to get it done in a little less time by choosing Hondros.”

What was one personal challenge you had while being a student and how did you overcome it to achieve your education?

“The one challenge that I had while attending Hondros College was simply the work, school and family life balance. I am a father of six, I have five grandchildren and I also was part of a real estate brokerage with 30 agents and had just opened a second location. Managing all of that while taking classes was just all around the biggest challenge. I overcame that because I knew I had to become a broker of record; I was really focused on my desire to further my education so that I could get into the field I really had a passion to be in. By focusing on my destination and staying on path I pushed through to make sure I obtained my degree.”

Now that you’ve graduated, how has your career changed for you?

“Right now I am the broker of record at two brokerage firms. I feel that I now have a solid base foundation that I need to run my business more successfully while simultaneously maintaining a better work life balance. Because of the primary business principles that I learned during my education at Hondros College I am hiring the right people, putting the right systems in place, gaining a better understanding of who my customers are, redefining my business plan, and working with both internal and external influences that help me make some of the sound business decisions on a day-to-day basis. I am also now able to maximize better opportunities that exist in the market place.”

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