Building Ohio’s Future – Continuing the Story



Earlier this year, I sent you four articles from Hondros College about the value of an accredited institution of higher learning in the education of your constituents who seek out adult education. These articles addressed how accredited institutions are helping to:

  • Develop Ohio’s workforce
  • Build Ohio’s future
  • Start new careers
  • Enable student success

Continuing the story, I would like to bring to your attention some powerful research, conducted by the Richard J. Rosenthal Center for Real Estate Studies, that links education and success in Real Estate.1 This research cites a number of studies with the following conclusions:


“Income levels are positively impacted by an individual’s formal education and informal training”(2)

“Formal education has a significant and positive impact on income. Study respondents with some college report earnings of 15 percent more than those with no education beyond high school. Those with a college degree earn an additional 12%.”(3)

“More schooling and more experience produce more income”(4)


The study also conducted some primary research. This study illustrated “there is a significant, positive relationship between education and success among top producing real estate professionals. Despite the fact that only a high school diploma is required to obtain a real estate license . . . the majority of those who produce at the highest levels have attended college.  In this study, 93% of the top producers had attended at least some college . . .”(5)

Hondros College model is working for Ohio. As an accredited institution of higher education, Hondros delivers education designed to deliver student success.


We would welcome the opportunity to share additional findings from these studies, and how our model benefits your constituents.

Most sincerely,

(1)The research was presented in the Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies, Vol.2, No. 2, September 2014
(2)The Journal of Real Estate Research, Volume 3, Number 2, 53-68
(4)Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 95-110
(5)Journal of the Center for Real Estate Studies, Vol.2, No. 2, September 2014

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