Qualities to Look for in an Agent for Your Real Estate Team


Agent Real Estate Team

Real estate teams are a common occurrence in the industry. For experienced brokers, building a team of qualified local real estate agents is an efficient way to be in more places at once, combine skill sets, build notoriety, and make more sales. For new agents, it’s an incredibly helpful way to gain experience and credibility in the business while building a sales roster. For clients, it means a team with more availability and expertise to offer. Everybody wins!

However, it’s important to pick the right person for your agent team in order to enjoy all these benefits. Here are some of the top skills and personality traits to look out for in your new agent partner:

Team Player

Ideally, team members will work together rather than compete with each other. It’s important to know that your new agent is willing to pitch in to help other team members. They may need to work weekends or evenings to accommodate client schedules, thus, flexibility is key.

Well-Balanced Marketing Approach

In today’s world, many people search for homes online, communicate by email or text, and work remotely from coffee shops, home, or elsewhere. However, there are plenty of others who still appreciate the value of an open house, a face-to-face meeting, and a good old-fashioned phone call. Consider bringing in an agent who has a balance of both digital and in-person marketing and communication skills. If you’re an old-school agent, it can’t hurt to bring in someone who is social media savvy – but make sure that’s not their only strong point.

Fills the Right Need

Building a real estate team not only has the potential to make you more money, but it lets you focus on the parts of the job you do best and enjoy the most. In many situations, an agent team will consist of a seller-focused agent, a buyer’s agent, a rainmaker (the one who brings in the clients), and possibly another specialty. Which one are you and which one do you need? These are important questions to ask yourself when searching for a new partner.

Good Work History

This goes not only for sales history but also for referrals and employment history. Of course, some of the agents you’ll be considering are new and may not have a long list of sales under their belt. However, you’ll want to look for steady employment history and positive reviews from past employers or clients.


Customers need an agent they can trust, and so do you. Unfortunately, in real estate, there are some unethical practices at large. Buyers will undoubtedly be wary of a real estate agent who isn’t entirely forthcoming about the condition of a property. If your potential new agent withholds information, gives preferential treatment to their own or colleagues’ listings, refuses to show homes with lower commissions, or tries to pressure buyers by lying about the amount of interest in a home, stay away. This behavior will only cause you problems in the long run.

Not Only Concerned About the Split

The commission structure will certainly be a big part of how you and the new agent make money together. But it’s not all about that! Be sure that your incoming team member understands that they will also receive training, mentoring, expert insights, and the value of your experience, not to mention sales leads! You should, of course, be prepared to provide these things for your new agent.

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