Student Success Story: Meet Morgan McDonald, Real Estate Agent

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At Hondros College, we’ve had the pleasure of educating some of the top real estate agents in Ohio. We are proud of our students and seek meaningful relationships with them throughout their careers. We caught up with Hondros alum, Morgan McDonald, and asked about his path to success in the real estate industry.

Interest in Real Estate

Morgan saw real estate as a way to help others navigate the buying and selling process with clarity and understanding. Before moving to Ohio, he practiced real estate in Florida. Before that, he was a licensed mortgage broker and enjoyed working with all types of home buyers. Through his experiences, he’s learned to be a great advocate for new and experienced buyers and sellers. He strives to help others’ succeed in a compassionate and thoughtful way.

Why Hondros?

He chose Hondros College for his education because of the stellar ratings and a referral from his broker. Morgan enjoyed his classes and says it helped build a foundation for his real estate career. His favorite aspect of the Hondros experience was the online interface. He found CompuCram very helpful and advises current students to use it over and over. Morgan found the online systems to be user-friendly and looks forward to utilizing Hondros for his continuing education.


One of Morgan’s biggest challenges in starting a real estate career was the time commitment. He shares that the process itself and the steps involved weren’t complicated. However, his real estate education journey took him 3 months to complete. In his first year as a real estate agent, the hurdle he found most difficult was setting daily routines. The key to success in an entrepreneurial field like real estate, where often times you set your own hours, is to find routines that work for you.

Words of Wisdom and Looking Forward

To agents new to the game, Morgan recommends keeping up to date with industry trends and technology in general. He utilizes daily media, brokerage meetings, continuing education, and subscribes to industry blogs to stay on top. He urges new agents to “get out and talk to people… be courteous always”. Morgan contributes his success to hard work, consistent communication, and attention to detail. His next big hurdle is selling 24 houses in one year. Best of luck, Morgan, and thank you for choosing Hondros College!


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