Top Tips for Recruiting Freelancers


In the real estate business, you work with freelancers every day. You might contract work out to inspectors, electricians, handymen, videographers, or real-estate marketers.

As more real estate businesses utilize the huge freelance market, how do you source the best talent? How do you recruit the right workers remotely?

There are many websites to hire them, but choosing from thousands of freelancers can be a challenge. Here are a few things to know.

1. Choose Only Candidates with Specializations

If you use freelance pool websites, make sure to filter your searches. Narrow it down to those who have had past experience in the real estate market. For example, it takes a certain type of videographer, to film property in a way that will be appealing to its future owners.

Any freelancer can post a bunch of testimonials, but try to get the ones with real experience and a great demo reel. If you can find referrals, even better.

2. Make Sure Your Contract Includes Revisions/Extra trips

State your expectations clearly. More trips to the site for better coverage, or meetings with clients so that you can finalize a sale. If working with a contractor, always make sure that the contract specifies any extra work.

As for payment, many freelancers expect 50 percent upfront. The balance is then paid after a project is fully completed–according to your signed stipulations and contract. If you are working on a commissions basis, make the stipulations clear in writing.

3. Interviews

Interviews are a tedious yet necessary part of recruitment. Make your job easier by using Skype or other online chat platforms. WhatsApp and Facebook have easy camera chat settings. They allow you to instantly speak with a candidate and get to know them.

4. Agreements in Writing

It could be a disadvantage to your real estate business if freelance contractors end up taking clients from you. Sadly, this is a reality that many business owners face.

A simple non-competition agreement contract takes care of this problem. For a given period of time, it prohibits them from working with any of your clients–with or without your knowledge.

5. Apps for Freelancers

It can be overwhelming when managing a number of freelancers on a daily basis. Streamline your processes by using apps for communicating with everyone on your project.

Here are a few tried and proven ones for real estate businesses: With Zoom, group messaging and cloud video conferences are easy. Azendoo is a task management solutions app for more effective communication. Many swear by Slack, a central hub where your whole team can work together more efficiently.

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