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How to Switch from Residential to Commercial Real Estate


The real estate industry offers many choices to licensed agents; they can work with buyers or sellers or both, they can help facilitate sales, rentals, or both types of transactions,… Read more

How Home Inspectors Cross-Promote with Local Businesses


Have you ever bought a hamburger at McDonald’s and automatically bought a Coca-Cola to go with it? You have been touched by cross-promotion. Think how your home inspection business would… Read more

5 Trends Every Appraiser Should Watch for in 2019

Appraisal, Blog

To be ahead of the real estate market, seasoned appraisers cannot afford to become stagnant regarding the current trends. They must get out in front of them if possible to… Read more

Top Tips for Recruiting Freelancers


In the real estate business, you work with freelancers every day. You might contract work out to inspectors, electricians, handymen, videographers, or real-estate marketers. As more real estate businesses utilize… Read more

How to Know Whether a Client Qualifies for a USDA Loan

Blog, Mortgage Lending

As a mortgage loan officer (MLO), you will have clients in all different types of situations. They will be looking to you to provide the information they need to make… Read more

Four Ways a Plumber Can Help Determine if a Home is Worth Flipping

Appraisal, Blog, Home Inspection

Flipping a house can be a great way to make a lot of money within a fairly short period of time. In order for a house flip to be as… Read more

Hondros Education Group Announces Acquisition of Pennsylvania And New Jersey Real Estate School


Philadelphia, PA (Dec. 18, 2018) – Hondros Education Group (HEG), proudly announced today that it has acquired Schlicher-Kratz Institute, in a partnership that will advance real estate, mortgage, and appraisal education… Read more

How to Build Trust with Your Clients


The key to building a loyal, long-lasting client base is trust. You don’t establish trust with customers overnight. It takes an extended time of consistent action that demonstrates you’re a… Read more

Best Software for Mortgage Loan Officers


Mortgage Loan Officers (MLOs) are constantly looking for ways to stand out in a competitive industry. They need to improve their marketing efforts, reduce the time and resources required to… Read more

5 Essential Marketing Videos Every Real Estate Agent Needs


Nearly 50 percent of real estate buyers polled by Virtuets claimed that they look at virtual tours and other videos during the buying process. To be successful in the real estate… Read more

4 Ways to Balance Family Time When You Own a Business


Juggling business and family is a constant struggle. We know Americans have a poor work-life balance. As a busy entrepreneur, there are a number of ways you can successfully focus… Read more

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