What to Look for in a Pre-Drywall Inspection

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Pre-Drywall Inspection

Home inspection is an essential part of the construction process. A high-quality build should have a thorough review before the team hangs the drywall. That’s to make sure everything is up to code and meets the developer’s standards.

Drywall can hide many deficiencies in the beams, insulation and other foundational parts of the home. This early inspection makes sure you have the chance to correct these issues early. This is a preliminary “checklist” of what you might want to look at before the walls go up – but don’t hesitate to examine everything.

The Structures

This is the basics of the build. It includes the foundation, floor, roof, and walls. The inspector will look at the retaining walls, foundation slabs, floor joists, and other parts of the home. Other issues might include extra material where the structure needs more support, studs, and insulation.

The Functionality

These are the systems that will keep the home up and running to code. The expert will check out the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. That will include a run through to make sure the pipes are in the right place, there are enough electrical outlets in each room, and air ducts are in the proper location.

The Exterior

The exterior coverings are also essential. The inspector will check the flashing around windows and doors to make sure there’s a proper seal to prevent leaks. They will also inspect waterproofing in other areas. As well, the review will look at the roof for proper protection and to find any issues with frames or bracing.

Bonus: Plan the Drywall Process

At the time of this inspection, your build team should also develop a clear plan to hang the drywall. They should identify areas that require moisture-resistant drywall. The plan should cover materials, scheduling, and coordination with other build teams. That ensures that everyone has the time and space they need to work, and there are no delays in getting the job done.

The completed home will need a second inspection before a sale is complete to review the entire project. The pre-drywall inspection gives the purchaser an added sense of security that they won’t run into structural issues months or years down the road.

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