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Both brokers and salespeople now have the choice to take their post-licensing education online or in the classroom – you choose! The ability of licensees to take online post-licensure education helps busy professionals get the education needed for a successful practice. I mean who wouldn’t prefer to take their classes early in the morning in their pajamas with a cup of joe? In seriousness, online courses are especially beneficial for part-time practitioners where real estate is not their only job. This could also help practitioners transitioning from another industry to real estate.

Since House Bill 532 became law on April 6, 2017, it has modernized the real estate education landscape. One of the changes that came from that bill was the authorization of online post-licensure education for newly licensed brokers and salespersons. This offers the Ohio Real Estate industry modernization in the delivery of education in the classroom as well as online. This applies to new licensees for their required 20-hour sales post-licensing requirement. This also applies to new brokers and their 10-hour post-licensing requirement.

We at Hondros College have designed our post-licensing courses to be available in the traditional classroom or online. Do you enjoy the in-person interaction with your peers, while learning vital information for first-year licensees? Then choose a classroom schedule that meets your needs. If your work week does not allow easy classroom scheduling, interactive online classes may be right for you. Additionally, online coursework allows licensees the take all the time they want to understand advanced concepts in real estate beyond the pre-licensure curriculum. Hondros College’s online post-licensure courses offer a casual and interactive environment, specially tailored to help new licensees hit the ground running.

Only Hondros College offers you a choice of post-licensing curriculum in a classroom or online. Either method provides an unsurpassed curriculum designed to assist you in your success.

Ready to register for post-licensing courses online? Visit our Real Estate Salesperson or Broker pages to get started!

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