5 Lead-Boosting Tips for Mortgage Loan Officers


Mortgage Loan Officers

For mortgage loan officers (MLOs), lead generation and customer value are significant parts of the business. MLOs that have an entrepreneurial spirit must know how to market themselves. And there’s never a wrong time to reassess your marketing strategy. If you’re ready to ramp it up or change your tactics, here are five ways mortgage loan officers can generate more leads:

1. Social media

Social media allows you to cast a wide net for a low cost, though it does take a time commitment.

When you create your social accounts, also called handles, be consistent across all social platforms. For example, I would use @LaurenVossenMLO as my handle across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. That way, I’m easily identifiable and my messaging is consistent.

After you set up your accounts, there are many ways to start bringing in the leads. Join real estate groups, send direct messages (DMs) to potential clients, use Facebook or Instagram Live to discuss topics with your followers. And, of course, routinely post fresh content. It’s helpful to plan your posts in advance and automate them to ensure relevancy.

2. Start a blog

A blog is a great way to show your expertise and become a trusted source of information in the mortgage world. If you keep a blog, create a post with details about the upcoming open house event. Make it visually appealing with photos of the property. Is the kitchen to die for? Will you offer free food? Tell your readers why they won’t want to miss the event.

3. Email marketing

If you don’t have one already, compile a list of emails for prospective clients. Continue to gather emails through a sign-up sheet on your website or through social media. The goal with an email list isn’t to flood inboxes. Use this tactic sparingly (like with a monthly newsletter), and as an opportunity to share interesting, uncommon knowledge. This is a great place to feature your blog content, allowing the email recipient to click-through to your blog and interact with you further. Make sure each email includes an enticing subject line, for better chances of being opened.

4. Get active in the community

Attend events, volunteer for communities, get involved with your local market. Meeting with people face-to-face shows that you are a real person and establishes credibility. As you get to know the people in your community, you’ll gain trust and referral sources.

5. Professional networking

Much like being active in the community, you’ll want to get to know professional contacts in the same manner. It may take some time to establish relationships, but once you build good rapport with real estate agents, the referrals volume will stay on the rise.

Don’t be discouraged if the leads don’t start pouring in right off the bat. Once implemented, these tactics will take some time, so patience is key.

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