How Starting a Podcast Will Benefit Your Business


Business Podcast Benefits

In an earlier post, we discussed the potential a podcast could have as far as audience reach and brand visibility. But let’s really get into the specific benefits your business will reap should you decide to start podcasting.

Building awareness

There are only so many ways people can learn about your company. If you practice basic brand-building tactics, you know that most of those mediums are literary. Meaning your audience has to stop what they’re doing and read what you have to say. This is what makes podcasts different.

Apart from video podcasts, audio podcasts can be enjoyed by your audience while they’re:
  • On the commute to work
  • Doing chores around the house
  • Cooking dinner
  • Working out

This builds brand awareness because podcasts can help you reach new audiences where your previous content offers could not. Although there will be overlap, podcast listeners have different consumption habits than your newsletter readers. Still, they are all potential customers you can reach. So why not create different kinds of content and cast a wide net?

Increased traffic generation

Along with building awareness, podcasts can help increase traffic to your website. Podcasts can be shared via any of your previously established channels. Once you’ve launched your podcast, shout it from the mountain tops!

Let your audience know you started a podcast via:
  • Your website homepage
  • Social media channels
  • Email signature
  • Newsletter

More than that, podcasts are uploaded to multiple platforms for millions of subscribers to discover! Those subscriptions mean listeners come back for more and are notified when you’ve created a new episode. Throughout your podcast audio and in the podcast description, point the audience to your website! This is one way you will get new visitors to your site that you wouldn’t have without a podcast.

Integrate your products and services

Podcasts are also a great opportunity to let that audience know about your new offerings. It’s important for the listener that these offerings relate to the topic of that podcast episode. But chances are if you’re discussing problems that your offerings help solve, your audience is willing to hear about them.

Establishing thought leadership

Use your podcast to show off your authority on the topic. Provide helpful tips and use your connections in the industry to invite influential guests onto your podcast. Having guests on your podcast is a great way to engage with people and build relationships with them. Building strategic relationships with prospective clients, referral partners, and other influencers will help you professionally while making your podcast interesting and helpful for your audience.

Deepening audience connection

Podcasts achieve a great deal in creating a personable feel to the listener. Especially if you speak directly to them. This can help you build a better relationship with your audience and connect them closer to your brand. Consumers, especially millennials, are looking for a deeper meaning in businesses they interact with. They want to know they can trust you. Podcasts can help build that trust as you speak to them directly about topics relevant to their needs.

Internally, a podcast can help connect your employees to their organization. A podcast can help motivate or even train them. Use podcasts to make announcements or congratulate employees for a job well done. Employees having trust in your brand will help them become brand ambassadors for your business.

At a surface level, these are some of the ways a podcast can benefit your business. Overall,  podcasts are a way to directly speak to your audience. They also create a new avenue for your audience to experience your brand, while exposing a new set of consumers to your business’ offerings. Utilize a podcast for your advertising, brand development, content authority, and professional development as you make connections with other experts in the industry.

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