How a Mortgage Loan Officer Goes the Extra Mile for Their Clients


Mortgage Loan Officer

Applying for and getting a loan can be a tough and challenging process for a potential homeowner. However, a mortgage loan officer can make that process easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. By taking some steps to offer outstanding service, mortgage loan officers can ensure that potential clients want to do business, current clients stay happy, and past clients become ambassadors to help build more business.

Best Ways MLOs Provide Excellent Service for Clients

If you’re a mortgage loan officer, you can take some concrete steps to go the extra mile for your clients. The following ideas are some good ways to build an outstanding reputation for your business.


This one is simple, but if you want to be a mortgage loan officer that people like to work with and want to return to, you need to greet every customer and potential customer with a smile. The mortgage loan officer is the forward facing image of the bank. By meeting everyone with a smile, you help immediately build the reputation of your bank’s brand as a positive, friendly, personal place. You also help ensure that the process feels comfortable for clients.

Answer Questions Clearly and Simply

Not everyone has a good understanding of how mortgages work — nor how purchasing a house works — even if they are ready to buy. For that reason, it’s important that an MLO answers questions clearly and in layman’s language. Even if the question seems obvious or irrelevant. By answering questions in clear language, you help the client learn important information while demonstrating your industry knowledge. This makes you seem more reliable and trustworthy.

Provide All Available Choices

Make all housing loan options available and plain to people who are looking for a mortgage. Presenting all available options demonstrates your honesty and genuine interest in helping the client. It also shows you’re well-versed in what’s available for customers today.

Be Diligent About Communicating

Communicating well, as a mortgage loan officer, is not just about providing the right information. It’s also about providing that information quickly. When receiving a call, text, or email from a customer, respond as quickly and efficiently as possible. Good communication demonstrates that you’re paying attention to each customer and that you care about their needs. It also illustrates that you want to make the business transaction process as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Be Engaged and Friendly

There is a certain amount of a relationship between a mortgage loan officer and their clients that is about gut feeling. If you simply want your customers to feel good about working with you, then it’s important to project friendly, positive energy into the relationship. Be attentive, provide a listening ear, and offer positive support for clients. Also, treat them with empathy. By approaching a customer with positive energy, you help them have a good gut feeling about their relationship with you. You can make them feel better about the loan procurement process overall.

Have a Staff that Works With and For You

If you advertise fast, good service, but you can’t actually provide it, you’re going to be a huge letdown for customers. Hire educated staff that understands your process and values. Make sure they serve your customers with the same values as you do. By hiring a staff that’s well-trained and knowledgeable, you can make sure that you get all jobs done quickly and with the proper amount of attention. That way, your staff can make the whole experience enjoyable for everyone involved.

Make Your Work Schedule Flexible

Forget only working during business hours. Most of the people who are going to be procuring a mortgage through you are going to want to go through the process during off hours — like holidays, weekends, nights, etc. Make sure your schedule is flexible. Be ready to work when the client needs you to. This makes the mortgage experience more convenient and less stressful for clients. It also ensures you don’t add any unnecessary strife to their already challenging property buying process.

It’s not enough to simply connect a client with a loan and be on your way. It’s important to focus on personalized, attentive service. Be knowledgeable about the industry and to work with a set of values. This helps make the experience a positive one.

To learn more about how to better serve clients, take continuing education at Hondros College. We help you gain a better understanding of the service level you should provide to customers and how to accomplish that. Constant learning in your industry ensures that you’ll build a loyal client base. Then, they’ll be sure to recommend more clients to work with you, as well — and you’ll continue to grow a thriving business.

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