NAR REALTORS Conference & Expo 2018 Recap

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NAR 2018

The annual National Association of Realtors’ Conference & Expo took place in Boston, and gave new insights I couldn’t have found anywhere else! In past years, after attending this conference in New Orleans, San Diego, Orlando, and Chicago I am certain that this convention is vital to get the most current information on real estate trends, products, and topics of all types (that your competitors won’t hear about for years).

What The Conference & Expo Offers:

  1. The best speakers from around the country

Nationally known coaches and speakers such as Brian Buffini, David Knox, and Leigh Brown. Some names, relatively new to me, offered tips and tricks in multi-hour sessions or in panel discussions.

I’ve come away with whole downloadable listing presentations, new apps to try, Facebook contest and ad ideas, as well as how-to guides on serving clients of all ages. Other hot topics included lead generation, production of videos (it’s easier than you think), and back-end office management.

  1. A huge variety of products, services, and ideas

If you’re looking for innovative closing gifts, errors and omissions insurance, signs, and more, it’s all there. Lots of discounts were offered for same-day orders. And yes, I took an extra carry-on suitcase for hauling all those promotional materials and items home!

  1. An ideal place to travel with a group of agents

Except for meeting for lunch, we all picked different course offerings and the sessions were typically back-to-back, leaving little time for socializing. The advantage was bringing home a variety of ideas from a huge number of sources, as we’ll compare notes upon our return to the office. And at the end of the day, there were tours and great restaurants to sample together!

  1. A way to excite and energize

Any career can become stale after years of routine. The convention provided new energy, with new ideas to ramp up production, solidify client relationships, and make the job fun again. Rather than sticking with established protocols, old checklists, and routine actions, the convention provided a much-needed shot of excitement to what we do day in and day out.

  1. Lots of Bang for the Buck.

Not only did I have fun, learn new ideas, and come back with a pile of new product brochures, but the learning continues after returning home. The Full Access Pass allows free play-back of most of the sessions. Which is perfect for staff training, or to watch at your leisure for a refresher.

A panel discussing buyer lead generation (3 presenters from small, medium, and large companies) offered their opinions on the advisability of buying leads and from which sources. Specific advice was given on scrubbing the leads – interviewing to determine their ability to buy, whether done by a screening team or by an on-call agent. All agreed that nothing was more important than speed of contact, and diligence in trying to get a dialogue going with a buyer.

This information greatly shortens a potentially long and expensive learning curve when dealing with purchased leads. Specifically, we’ll be incorporating their advice immediately with regards to interview techniques for buyers and will provide agent training to do it.

Another session was all technology-based. Specifically, the digital tools to buy and how to use them, learning about new tools, software, and apps. Most ideas were free and had already been vetted for success by the speakers. For instance, the top apps for smartphones will undoubtedly provide greater efficiency to our agents.

Our next step will be to sign up for the playback service (all free with a full convention pass) and have a series of training meetings for all our agents. It will be as if they attended the convention themselves!

We’ve all attended meetings and conventions that were not worth the cost of entry. Where boredom was rampant, and clock-watching was the norm. It was refreshing to feel energized and excited about new materials and ideas that can make my job easier, and more enjoyable!

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