Governor Makes Appointments Affecting Real Estate Industry    


Governor Makes Appointments

Governor Kasich has announced several appointments to state boards and commissions affecting the real estate industry. Ohio’s real estate related boards and commissions have broad powers to adopt rules affecting qualification for licensure and how members of the profession practice. Ohio law has specific requirements for individuals seeking appointment, such as obtaining a certain level of licensure or certification and years of experience in real estate. Such assures that the members of these real estate related boards and commissions are competent to govern the profession and how you practice.

Peter McLinden was appointed to the Ohio Real Estate Commission, as its public member, for a partial term ending June 30, 2019. Mr. McLinden is an Ohio licensed employment attorney from Lebanon, Ohio. Mr. McLinden formerly served as General Counsel for AFSCE Ohio Council 8 and an AFSCME Regional Director.

The Ohio Real Estate Commission is comprised of five members, with four having been engaged in the real estate business as licensed real estate brokers for a period of ten years immediately preceding appointment. The remaining member represents the public. The Commission investigates matters relating to licensed real estate brokers and salespersons, adopts the canons of ethics for the real estate industry and directs the Superintendent of the Division of Real Estate on pre-licensure and education requirements. Mr. McLinden joins Commissioners Kristine Burdick, Diane Carnes, Courtney Combs and R.S. (Tre’) Giller, III.

Governor Kasich’s office announced the Governor’s appointment of William Fall, MAI, SRA, ASA to the Ohio Real Estate Appraiser Board for a term beginning November 7, 2018, and ending June 30, 2021. Mr. Fall has taught real estate valuation courses and holds credentials in five states, including Ohio. Mr. Fall hails from Wood County, Ohio and is the Chief Executive Officer of The Fall Group operating in Toldeo, Ohio.

Guy T. Wesselkamper of Hamilton County has been appointed to the Ohio Real Estate Appraiser Board for a term beginning October 26, 2018, and ending June 30, 2021. Mr. Wesselkamper has been an appraiser with Signature Appraisal in Cincinnati, Ohio for more than 36 years. Mr. Wesselkamper is the Chair of the Ohio Realtors Appraisal Forum and also serves on its legislative committee.

The Ohio Real Estate Appraiser Board is comprised of five members and is charged with adopting rules affecting Ohio’s regulation of real estate appraisers, both commercial and residential. The rules relate to the pre-licensure and certification requirements, standards of practice and disciplinary proceedings. The Board may also hear appeals from decisions issued by the Superintendent of the Division of Real Estate and initiate its own investigations into appraiser misconduct. Mr. Fall and Mr. Wesselkamper join other Appraiser Board members Steven Rench, John Lynch, and public member Susie Hahn.

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