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Nearly 50 percent of real estate buyers polled by Virtuets claimed that they look at virtual tours and other videos during the buying process. To be successful in the real estate industry, you must take advantage of the technology at your disposal. Setting yourself apart from the competition is the only way to attract new home buyers. Read below to learn more about some of the essential videos you need to have in your real estate marketing tool belt.

1. Interview Videos Can Be Very Informative

One of the best ways for a real estate agent to grow their client base is through the power of referrals. Filming short testimonial videos with former and current clients is a great way to inform prospective clients about the work you have done. Chances are you have a laundry list of clients who will be willing to do one of these interviews.

Once you have completed these testimonial videos, displaying them prominently on your website is a great idea. Putting these videos on your homepage will help to ensure they are seen by visitors to your site.

2. Live streaming Allows You to Communicate With Buyers in Real Time

Live streaming is one of the hottest trends in the world of video. When used correctly, live streaming will allow you to communicate valuable information to buyers in real time. Do you have a new home that just hit the market? If so, going to this home and live streaming a virtual tour is a great way to create a buzz about it.

Before you can start live streaming, you will need to find the right platform to use. There are tons of apps like Facebook Live and Periscope that will allow you to stream instantly with ease.

3. Listing Videos Can Be Very Effective

Showing off the listings you currently have is the only way to attract buyers. Creating a custom listing video for prospective clients to look at is a great idea. If you have a modern smartphone, all of the tools you need to create a listing video are in the palm of your hand.

When in the video creation process, you need to think about what makes the property in question unique. Showcasing these unique features is a great way to catch the attention of home buyers in your area. Using software like Paradym will allow you to create listing videos that tell a story.

4. The Agent Profile Video

Are you looking for a way to tell prospective buyers more about yourself? If so, an agent profile video is a great way to do just that. These videos will provide you with an opportunity to tell your audience about your experience and to give them a glimpse of your personality.

Before you start to shoot this video, be sure to work on developing a script. With a script in place, you can make your video short and concise.

5. Inform Your Audience About Community Events 

Highlighting events in your community with videos can help you garner more attention. Showing your audience how passionate you are about the community you serve can also help you project a more professional image. These types of videos should be short and fun to watch.

Tools of the Trade

If you are interested in creating videos to showcase your listings, there are a number of video editing apps that will help you create and optimize your real estate listing videos. One of the most popular video editing programs out there is Animoto. This program offers you a quick and easy way to create dynamic slideshow videos in a hurry. With this program, you will be able to customize the background of your video and use a number of license-free audio clips to add personality to your presentation.

Another program you may want to think about using is Videolicious. This program offers an easy three-step process that makes creating one of a kind real estate videos a breeze. With the Videolicious program, you will be able to edit footage and add in transitions with the click of a button.

If you are not sure about your ability to create appealing real estate videos, you may want to hire a professional videographer to help you out. Real estate agents with multiple listings will find it hard to break away and create videos for each property. Paying professionals to do this type of work can save you a lot of time and will be well worth the investment in the long run.

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