Congrats to Our July 2019 Instructor of The Month – Alfred Rosser

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We’re happy to announce the winner of July 2019’s Instructor of the month – Alfred Rosser! He knew he had a special connection to the Hondros family right from the start! He took his real estate pre-licensing courses at Hondros in 2000! Alfred then joined our team of expert instructors in 2010. He relishes the family atmosphere at Hondros and even describes the faculty at Hondros as “One. Big. Family.”

Alfred Rosser Edited

During his time at Hondros, he is grateful for the opportunity to sharpen his skills. Namely being able to, “convey information in a manner that is easy to understand by a broad base of people.”

Reflecting on his career so far, he greatly values the relationships he’s been able to build.

“Help people understand things clearly and life becomes so much easier.”

Alfred describes his proudest moment at Hondros as,

“Every time a student comes to me and says, ‘I was having a hard time with that topic and you made it so simple to understand.’ Also, being chosen as Instructor of the Year and becoming a Distinguished Faculty member.”

He defines success as “when one is happy with their position and accomplishments in life.” Alfred greatly values “making sure our students of all backgrounds and experience fully comprehend the new concepts and information we are sharing with them.” His advice to students is,

“Be open-minded and flexible! Take initiative!”

Thank you, Alfred, for instructing students on the course materials in a creative way that stick with them throughout their career! You’re part of what makes becoming a real estate agent with Hondros College great!

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