Congrats to Our February 2019 Instructor of the Month – Tom Williams


We’re happy to announce the winner of February 2019’s Instructor of the month – Tom Williams! Tom has been teaching at Hondros for over five years. Before working at Hondros, Tom’s company developed land and built quality homes for customers. He learned about Hondros from Realtors in his circle who had previously attended.

Hondros’ ability to innovate and look forward has been part of what’s kept Tom working with us. He continues to describe Hondros as “Professional, quality, and value”. He relishes teaching his classes, sharing that,

“Every classes of students are different. There are no two classes that are the same. The students all have different personalities. I love helping students prepare for their new career in real estate. It’s very rewarding.”

Tom is grateful for the opportunity to teach all of the many real estate classes offered at Hondros. He especially favors the Sales and Brokers Crammer courses.

Tom found it difficult to choose just one proud moment working at Hondros, saying “every day that I teach for this wonderful company” is his proud moment.

Here’s Tom’s advice for new instructors:

“Audit all the classes and study the curriculum that you will be teaching. Be prepared for class. Learn as much as you can about the courses and when teaching, relax and just be yourself.”

He defines success as “going to work each day for 40 years and feeling like you never worked a day in your life.” That’s something we all strive for, and Tom is certainly an example of this in our lives.

Thank you, Tom, for embodying Hondros’ values and inspiring our students. With your passion for teaching, you positively influence a new generation of agents.

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