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Real Estate Commission Issues License Revocations 

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In its Fall of 2018 Newsletter, the Ohio Real Estate Commission disclosed three cases where it issued license revocations to two brokers and one salesperson. Licensees that are subject to a disciplinary revocation are prohibited from further practices as a real estate salesperson or broker in Ohio. The first case involved a broker from Euclid,… Read more

Ohio to Abolish Dower Rights

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On November 14, 2018, H.B. 407 was referred to the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration. The legislation which generally proposes to abolish dower rights in Ohio was passed by the Ohio House of Representatives in June of this year. If the legislation becomes law, Ohio will join 47 other states that have already abolished… Read more

Governor Makes Appointments Affecting Real Estate Industry    

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Governor Kasich has announced several appointments to state boards and commissions affecting the real estate industry. Ohio’s real estate related boards and commissions have broad powers to adopt rules affecting qualification for licensure and how members of the profession practice. Ohio law has specific requirements for individuals seeking appointment, such as obtaining a certain level… Read more

Is Your Practice Ready for Drone Technology?

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Real Estate professionals have started using drone technology to take aerial photos of listings and the surrounding neighborhoods. The technology is especially useful in publicizing the unique features of a property, such as natural features like streams and rivers, outdoor amenities, and lot size. Also, offering clients aerial photographs may give you a competitive advantage… Read more

Delaware County Recorder Issues Notice of Documents Not Timely Recorded

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On October 26, 2018, the Delaware County Recorder issued a notice that certain documents filed with its office were not timely recorded. The notice indicates on October 19, 2018, the office located approximately 30 documents were not timely recorded. The documents were presented to the office over a period of approximately the last 3 years…. Read more

Protecting Your Business from Data Breach Liability

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  A nightmare for your clients can also become a nightmare for your business. If your business suffers a data breach and your client’s confidential information is stolen. You can be liable for any damages your client sustains as a result of your failure to implement reasonable information security controls. Luckily, there is a new… Read more

New Options for Settling Legal Disputes      

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If you’ve been involved in professional practice long enough, chances are you’ve had the need to work through legal disputes with clients or other business professionals. In an effort to reduce the volume of cases before the Court, the Franklin County Small Claims and Municipal Courts have unveiled several new options for settling legal disputes… Read more

Oil and Gas Professionals Must Now Obtain Real Estate Licensure in Ohio

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Continued from my earlier article concerning this topic. Last week the Ohio Supreme Court issued a ruling that those Ohio professionals that help obtain oil and gas leases on behalf of clients must obtain a license licensure as a real estate broker or salesperson. Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision, the federal districts in Ohio… Read more

Are There Laws Against Littering On Your Own Property?

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We know trash and blight can stigmatize neighboring properties, they can foster crime and become a public health hazard. Citing reduction in property values along with eyesores, health hazards, and rodents, State Representatives Boggs and Miller have introduced legislation to criminalize litter on one’s own property in the state of Ohio. During her testimony before… Read more

Flat Fee, Minimum Service, and A La Carte Brokers

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The same strategy that low-cost airlines utilize is also becoming more common in the real estate industry. Consumers find it attractive to only pay for what they need. If they aren’t traveling with luggage, why should they pay the same price as a passenger that does? For buyers and sellers, why not do some of… Read more

Are Your Commissions Subject to Garnishment?

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Many licensees believe that because they are independent contractors, their commissions cannot be garnished. This is incorrect. Ohio has several statutes that apply to a judgment creditor’s collection on its judgment from a judgment debtor. One is garnishment of personal earnings and the other is garnishment of property other than personal earnings. The former is… Read more

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