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Why You Should Accommodate Assistant Animals


In 2018, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) saw increasing numbers of complaints regarding refusals to provide reasonable accommodation for assistant animals. The Fair Housing Act requires housing providers to make reasonable accommodations when a person with a disability requires such accommodation. The reasonable accommodation provision applies when persons with disabilities seek… Read more

Understanding Ohio’s New Foreclosure Procedures


Gone are the days of bidding on a foreclosed property at a Sheriff sale on the courthouse steps. Ohio’s foreclosure procedures have been updated to comply with changes in the foreclosure law. The biggest change is any residential property that is ordered sold from a residential mortgage loan foreclosure, must be held online. Ohio has… Read more

Exercise Caution When Communicating with Appraisers


The situation is not unfamiliar. You represent a buyer that is in contract to purchase a home. Your client’s financing is contingent on the property appraising at or above the agreed upon purchase price. As your client moves through the steps necessary to close the transaction, you learn from your client’s lender that the property… Read more

Demystifying Variable Square Footage


One only needs to spend a few minutes browsing listings online to recognize wide variations in how square footages of property are listed. Some square footage listings match the County Auditor’s records and others grossly exceed that number by lumping together all living spaces in a property. A property with higher square footage may be… Read more

Real Estate Division Taskforce Decides on Property Management Credential


In late 2016, the Ohio Division of Real Estate Property Management Taskforce began meeting as a follow up to the Division’s Ohio Licensing Structure Taskforce that culminated in H.B. 532 (which was enacted in April of 2017). The Ohio Real Estate Commission charged the taskforce with determining whether a real estate licensee should obtain a… Read more

What To Do When Your Digital Work Is Stolen


One of a licensee’s largest professional expenditures is on self and client marketing and promotion. Licensee’s spend significant time and resources on developing their brand, whether it be through designing a website, publishing a blog, or displaying photographs. When a competitor pirates your work, it can be detrimental not only to your brand but also… Read more

Real Estate Commission Issues License Revocations 


In its Fall of 2018 Newsletter, the Ohio Real Estate Commission disclosed three cases where it issued license revocations to two brokers and one salesperson. Licensees that are subject to a disciplinary revocation are prohibited from further practices as a real estate salesperson or broker in Ohio. The first case involved a broker from Euclid,… Read more

Ohio to Abolish Dower Rights


On November 14, 2018, H.B. 407 was referred to the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration. The legislation which generally proposes to abolish dower rights in Ohio was passed by the Ohio House of Representatives in June of this year. If the legislation becomes law, Ohio will join 47 other states that have already abolished… Read more

Homebuyers Protected by Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act


Homebuyers that are subjected to unfair or deceptive practices (from their lender, mortgage broker or appraiser) during the home buying process have options under Ohio’s Homebuyer Protection Act. Adopted in the 1970’s, the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act or (CSPA) protects consumers from a supplier’s deceptive practices in a consumer transaction. In 2006, the law… Read more

Governor Makes Appointments Affecting Real Estate Industry    


Governor Kasich has announced several appointments to state boards and commissions affecting the real estate industry. Ohio’s real estate related boards and commissions have broad powers to adopt rules affecting qualification for licensure and how members of the profession practice. Ohio law has specific requirements for individuals seeking appointment, such as obtaining a certain level… Read more

Is Your Practice Ready for Drone Technology?


Real Estate professionals have started using drone technology to take aerial photos of listings and the surrounding neighborhoods. The technology is especially useful in publicizing the unique features of a property, such as natural features like streams and rivers, outdoor amenities, and lot size. Also, offering clients aerial photographs may give you a competitive advantage… Read more

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