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Auctioning Real Estate


Auctioning of real estate has become an increasingly popular way to sell real estate. Distressed properties are auctioned as a matter of course, but the market is starting to see more traditional real estate auctions. The pros are that a higher sale price and a quicker sale. Cons are a no sale and resulting stigma…. Read more

Court Reverses Ohio Real Estate Commission


In a recent decision, a Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Judge reversed the Ohio Real Estate Commission decision to revoke the real estate salesperson license of Tony V. Sekulovski.  The Court found the Commission’s decision violated Mr. Sekulovski’s due process rights and the Commission’s interpretation of license law statutes was contrary to law. The… Read more

Copyright Updates to Protect Your Website


In the millennial age, it has become a necessity for licensees seeking success to have a website that displays personal information, services the licensee offers and, of course, listings.  A lot of time and effort go into creating both the visual aspects as well as the content on a website.  The end result is a… Read more

Tiny House Movement Meets Slow Progress


The tiny house movement has continued to grow in popularity over the last few years.  Now we have the United Tiny House Association, a Tiny House Conference, and brokerages that specialize in selling tiny homes.  Tiny houses are even the subject of television and reality tv shows.  Unfortunately, the proliferation of these tiny homes has… Read more

Understanding Home Construction Contracts


Due to the tight real estate market, your clients may be contemplating building a custom home or building a home through a tract home builder. In either scenario, it is important that you understand the differences between the two main types of home construction contracts. Your clients should also always be directed to consult with… Read more

The New Tax Law and Your Real Estate Business


As you probably already know, the 2017 “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” is now law.  What you may not know is how to implement those tax changes to maximize the profitability of your real estate business.  Below are some highlights of the new law so you can be sure you are taking every advantage of… Read more

Managing Vacation Rental Homes


With the rise of vacation rental home websites, like Airbnb and others, many have sought to expand their practice to include the management of vacation rentals.  There is a difference between a vacation property management and traditional property management.  One difference is that a vacation rental is for a short-term (usually a week) while a… Read more

Dying with Real Estate


Much of estate planning is tailored to those items that can pass outside of probate and those that cannot.  An example of something that can transfer outside of probate is real estate. Others include insurance proceeds, investments, and bank accounts.  Upon the death of the decedent, these items will transfer to previously named beneficiaries, notwithstanding… Read more

Property Management: The Worst Mistakes You Can Make


Over the last year, the Ohio Real Estate Commission has seen a pattern of certain types of cases that result in the discipline of a real estate licensee’s license.  A review of these property management cases and associated conduct can aid licensees in being sure they are steering clear of those activities that are seeing… Read more

Can a Trespasser Become a Property Owner Through Occupancy?


An adverse possession action will result in a legal owner of real property having to forfeit their ownership interest to another, without compensation.  An example would be an incorrect fence placement that results in the user of property owned by another ultimately becoming the rightful owner of the property by adverse possession. In order for… Read more

5 Must Know Tips for a Residential Property Disclosure Form


The Residential Property Disclosure Form (RPDF) is the source of many questions, ranging from who must complete it to how it should be completed. Here we’ll answer some of those questions and provide best practice tips for agents when dealing with the form. 1. Know what type of property requires the RPDF to be completed… Read more

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