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Most practicing appraisers and appraisal students are familiar with the USPAP Q & As offered as guidance by the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB). But did you know that the Appraiser Qualifications Board also periodically publishes Q & As?

As the time is drawing near for revised appraiser qualifications commencing January 1, 2015, many appraisers and appraisal students have questions regarding qualifying criteria implementation. The AQB Q & As is an ideal source for many of these questions. The AQB Q & As can be found on The Appraisal Foundation’s website (, and selecting Appraisal Qualifications Board from the left sidebar.

The following are two selected and reproduced questions and responses offered to provide an example of the AQB Q & As and assistance with issues currently on the mind of appraisers and appraisal students. Happy Appraising!


Is there an assumption that a typical residential appraisal takes “X” hours to develop and report? If someone submits a log to the state and says they have acquired 3,000 hours of experience by doing ten “URAR” form reports, would they be believed? Or, is there a range that makes sense, like between four and twelve hours for a “typical” assignment?


The Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria does not specify the amount of experience hours which may be claimed per assignment. The state appraiser regulatory agency in the jurisdiction where you are seeking a credential is responsible for examining your experience log and must be satisfied there is a reasonable relationship between the amounts of time you claim to have spent on an assignment and your description of work performed. Some states have established typical hours for specific types of appraisal assignment types, which they use as a benchmark to identify potentially excessive experience claims. Be sure to check with your Supervisory Appraiser (if applicable) and your state appraiser regulatory agency to make sure you comply with the hourly requirements when claiming experience.

(AQB 2015 Real Property Appraiser Qualifications Criteria Implementation Q & As)


I am a certified appraiser in a state with a 2-year licensure cycle. As such, I am required to complete 28 hours* of approved continuing education (CE) in order to be eligible to renew my certification. If I complete more than the required 28 hours*, can I carryover the extra hours to my next certification renewal?

*Note: The AQB Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria specifies 14 hours of CE each year, or 28 hours for a 2-year cycle. States sometimes have greater requirement.


No. The Real Property Appraiser Qualification Criteria does not provide for any carryover of CE hours from one renewal period to the next. Specifically, it states under Section F. Criteria Specific to Continuing Education, Item 11 the instruction for which CE is sought to take place “…during the period preceding the renewal….”

(AQB 2015 Real Property Appraiser Qualifications Criteria Implementation Q & As)

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