4 Insights that ‘WOW’ Potential Homebuying Clients


This article reminded me of the traits I’d like to see in my next Real Estate Agent, especially if I’m buying a home. While these 4 insights seem very commonsensical (is that a word), many agents don’t employ them to their fullest. 

The 4 insights and a brief description of each, are:

1. Be a local “data-master. How long has a house in the neighborhood been for sale, when was the price reduced on the house on the corner, how long do houses in this area typically stay on the market.  This information is readily available to agents, but they have to do their homework to get it. 

2. Be part mayor, part tour guide when showing prospective buyers around. This is where it is important for you to know about the community.  Does the YMCA offer swim lessons, what is that summer festival there are signs all over town about, etc. You can really help buyers learn about the communities they are considering by knowing as much as you can.

3. Be a Property Visionary. Could this home be a rental property, how could some easy remodeling make it into the home your client is looking for? Help your clients “see” what they are, and aren’t looking for.

4. Be a relationship builder. Your relationships with other agents can help you better understand the best way for your buyer to negotiate with them. Get to know trades and crafts people in your market so you can recommend them to your buyer. The more relationships you have in your community, the better you will be able to serve your clients.


For complete details, please read the entire article by Andrew Flachner.


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