How Many Messages Are In Your Inbox?


I’ve always been pretty aggressive about keeping the number of emails in my Inbox to as small a number as possible.  Part of that process for me has been to read and respond to emails as they come in, whenever possible.  Also, delete emails as soon as possible if you don’t need to respond, don’t need to remember the information in the email, and if the email is spam or some other form of junk. Related to the last point, I also periodically removing myself from email lists that know longer interest me.  

In this article by Bryan Robertson, he outlines several ways to keep the number of emails in your Inbox manageable, and also suggests ways to manage the entire email process so you can be more productive.  

Here is an outline of Bryan’s suggestions: 

1. Strive to keep your Inbox to approximately 50 messages.

2. Use your Inbox as a “to do” list.

3. Use folders for emails and have a strategy for your folders.

4. Clean your Inbox regularly.

You will feel better when your Inbox contains only emails you need to act on, or need to refer to.  Go ahead, get started today.

Read the full article here.


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