Alumni Success Story: Hasina Nelson

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For 50 years, Hondros has educated some of the top real estate agents in Ohio. We are proud of our alumni and seek active relationships with them well after they pass their exams. We sat down with Hondros Alum, Hasina Nelson of Vylla Home and asked about her first year, so far, in the real estate industry.

Why did you decide to become a real estate agent?

I have always loved homes, loved helping people, and giving advice. I encouraged some of my friends in the past to get their real estate license because I saw potential in them. Last year, a friend of mine who is a real estate agent, sent me a link to apply for a scholarship to pay for my classes. I knew it was a sign and that it was time for me to become a real estate agent myself. Hasina Nelson Edited

I worked in the Insurance field and my husband and I own a few businesses. One of which includes rehabbing homes and providing low-cost housing for low-income families. I have always hovered in the real estate world. And as my real estate business grows, it becomes more exciting. It increases my opportunities to help more families with their real estate needs

Why Hondros?

I heard great things about Hondros from other real estate professionals – my broker also recommended Hondros. When I received the scholarship to complete my courses with Hondros, I found the online option was perfect for me and my family!

My favorite thing about Hondros was being able to complete the classes online. Having young kids and a husband, I loved the flexibility that online classes gave me. I also was very impressed with the online practice that was available via CompuCram. That was so helpful for me to prepare for the exam – I passed the first time! I also went into Hondros and did the in-classroom Crammer course. That was so helpful. The instructor was very informative and went through each question with the class. That gave me a gauge on how prepared (or not prepared) I was for the exam and what I needed to work on. Hondros definitely set me up for success – and I appreciated it!

The classes were so informative, and I learned so much! I love learning about the different loan type and various products that are available to my clients. I think the knowledge sets me apart and makes my clients feel confident in my abilities.

I had a great experience as a student at Hondros. Everyone who is thinking of doing their real estate classes should know how great Hondros is!

What advice would you give to a student looking to become a real estate agent?

Be prepared and do your research. Talk to successful agents and get as much mentorship from them as possible. Choose your broker early and find a company that matches your personality and values. In addition, I would share that the exam is not easy – work hard and prepare! It takes time to build your business and the path to success is not always what you would expect. Being likable, helpful, and having a good reputation is more important than experience.

Taking advantage of the in-class Crammer and consistently using the CompuCram is what prepared me to pass the exam. On the days approaching the exam, I went to the library and completed practice tests using the CompuCram for hours on end. I did not take it for granted because I wanted to pass the first time around and I did. I also used the textbooks and completed the questions at the end of each lesson.

What does the future look like for you?

I am in the process of growing my business. I am a new agent, so I am still learning and growing. I want to do things the right away and I want to be able to help at least five more families before the end of 2019 with their real estate needs.

In ten years, I see myself as a successful real estate agent or broker with an exceptional reputation. I see myself with more flexibility for my family and us growing leaps and bounds financially. By then my oldest son will be 21 – wow!

What experiences do you find most meaningful in your real estate career?

I love being a Go-To Person for all of my clients’ real estate needs. I love helping others find the right home for their families. It is an honor to be a part of having a dream come true for my clients. I think one of my favorite things is helping others meet their financial goals when I help them sell their home!

I was able to help a friend and first-time homebuyer to make the right decision for her. This is, in large part, due to my faith and the support of my family. Also, due to my exceptional broker and my own can-do attitude!

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