Alumni Association Event Recap

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Alumni association Event Recap

The Alumni Association at Hondros College hosted a 2-day CE event August 29th-30th. Alumni members had free admittance. Attendees nibbled appetizers and sipped refreshments while earning CE credit. Here’s what we covered and what you need to know!

Hot Topics for 2017:

Medical Marijuana and How it Affects Real Estate

Goal: To learn and understand the challenges real estate professionals may face as the use of medical marijuana becomes commonplace in Ohio.

In September 2016, the use of medical marijuana became legal in Ohio. The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program allows for those with certain specific medical conditions to receive therapies, including medical marijuana. While Ohio’s government agencies are working on implementing the program, the potential impacts on the real estate industry are already being felt.

Zillow instant offers

Goal: To learn about Zillow and the real estate industry.

Since 2006, Zillow constantly finds new ways to benefit real estate agents. It is our job to learn how to use this tool to our advantage. Zillow is always looking for ways to expand. They recently announced their new program, Zillow Instant Offers.

Many believe this is Zillow’s way of entering the real estate transaction process. Currently, Zillow Instant Offers is only available in three states. But as it expands, what does it mean for real estate agents in the future?

The next day, attendees heard from the nationally recognized, Marcie Roggow. Over breakfast and lunch, she discussed the details of a broker policy and procedure manual. The discussion ended with participants having a ready-to-use policy manual. This manual covered agency relationships, safety procedures, and federal and state requirements.

Creating and Implementing a Broker’s Policy and Procedure Manual:

Goal: Implement a custom broker policy and procedural manual that complies with Ohio rules and regulations.

The Real Estate Commission in Ohio created a list of implementation items on April 6, 2017. This conveyed what brokers need policy and procedures on. Brokers needed to share these policies with their agents. One of them, for example, is making sure your agent is trained in the kind of real estate business they are doing. So, residential agents must be trained for commercial if they want to venture into the commercial world. During the class, attendees received a manual customized for their businesses.

Joining the Alumni Association will keep you in-the-know for other helpful CE events and networking opportunities coming up at the Hondros College.

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