6 Ways to Promote Your Next Open House


Promote Your Open House

You want to create buzz about a new house you’re selling that just hit the market, so you’ve decided to host an open house. You’ve already instructed the sellers to do the basics: declutter the rooms and make sure the space appears well-maintained. But how do you ensure serious buyers will walk through the door at an open house event? Here are six ways to make sure your open house is a success:

1. Create an email list

If you don’t have one already, compile email addresses for prospective buyers you or your brokerage is working with. Send them an invitation with an enticing subject line, so they’re more likely to open the email. Or, if you send a weekly newsletter, take the opportunity to include details and an image of the home to reach even more potential guests.

2. Post on social media

There’s Facebook, Instagram, and let’s not forget about Twitter! You have many options for spreading the word about your open house. Space is limited on these platforms, so make sure to provide only the most important details. Also, include a quality photo of the property to help your post stand out.

3. Write up a blog post

If you keep a blog, create a post with details about the upcoming open house event. Make it visually appealing with photos of the property. Is the kitchen to die for? Will you offer free food? Tell your readers why they won’t want to miss the event.

4. Real estate websites

Update your listing with the date and time of the open house, then utilize the power of real estate websites such as Zillow or Trulia to promote the event.

5. Create a Facebook Event

This is similar to posting on social media, but taking it one step further. You can create an event page on Facebook that allows people to RSVP. Provide all the necessary details about the open house along with some teaser images of the property. From there, you can share the event in Facebook groups, with your friends or on your company’s page.

6. Signs, signs, signs

We mustn’t forget the traditional methods! Add a couple balloons to the sign out front, and you might just attract a passerby who wants to come see what the house is all about.

In addition to these real estate tips, begin promoting your open house at least a week in advance to ensure that you’re reaching people at a time when they might not already have plans. Being able to market yourself and advertise your business is all part of becoming a successful entrepreneur, and it all starts with you!

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