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How to Build Trust with Your Clients


The key to building a loyal, long-lasting client base is trust. You don’t establish trust with customers overnight. It takes an extended time of consistent action that demonstrates you’re a trustworthy company acting in their best interest. Here are trust-building tips to improve your relationships. Offer Value with Each Interaction Does your client feel like… Read more

Congrats to Our October 2018 Instructor of The Month – Tammy Parkin

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We’re happy to announce our October 2018 Instructor of the month – Tammy Parkin! We got the chance to interview Tammy about her time at Hondros and her secret to a successful career and a balanced lifestyle. Continue reading to learn more about our fabulous instructor of the month. Tammy shared that, while her primary… Read more

Oil and Gas Professionals Must Now Obtain Real Estate Licensure in Ohio


Continued from my earlier article concerning this topic. Last week the Ohio Supreme Court issued a ruling that those Ohio professionals that help obtain oil and gas leases on behalf of clients must obtain a license licensure as a real estate broker or salesperson. Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision, the federal districts in Ohio… Read more

Do You Have Supra Powers?


In today’s market, integrity and accountability are two attributes that clients look for in a Realtor. Are you aware of how “Supra Powers” can assist with and possibly increase your business? Have you educated yourself as to how the Supra Network can help protect your clients’ homes and personal property? The Supra Network consists of… Read more

Ohio Elections 2018: Be Informed and VOTE


November 6, 2018, known as the “Mid-Term Election”, marks the halfway point through the presidential 4-year term. Important dates to know: October 9, 2018 – Last Day to Register to Vote You can now register to vote online by clicking this link: October 10, 2018 – Early Voting Begins Contact your local county Board of Elections… Read more

How Appraisers Diversify Their Work


Most residential appraisers rely on appraisal assignments from a limited pool of lending clients from banks and orders from appraisal management companies. While complaining about a constant stream of “revisions requests” and unreasonable turn-times, you may find yourself ready for something new. But how do you go about spicing-up your work week? Consider Your Current… Read more

How Video Can Improve Your Real Estate Business


Did you know that 55 percent of all people watch videos online each day? Additionally, after watching a video, 64 percent of viewers are more likely to make a purchase. You may wonder what these statistics have to do with the real estate industry. Just think about it – if there are that many people… Read more

Are There Laws Against Littering On Your Own Property?


We know trash and blight can stigmatize neighboring properties, they can foster crime and become a public health hazard. Citing reduction in property values along with eyesores, health hazards, and rodents, State Representatives Boggs and Miller have introduced legislation to criminalize litter on one’s own property in the state of Ohio. During her testimony before… Read more

How a Home Inspector Builds Trust with Their Clients


While building trust is a multifaceted process, what it really comes down to is professionalism. This may sound easy, but it’s more complicated than you think. It’s more than dressing the part. There are several things that go into building your professionalism so you can build trust with your clients. So exactly what goes into… Read more

How to Build a Truly Cohesive Team


Over 32 percent of businesses polled in a recent survey claimed that employee engagement was one of their main challenges. If your employees do not feel engaged, chances are they will not stay loyal to your company. While 78 percent of companies have a documented employee engagement strategy, only around 50 percent of them keep… Read more

Flat Fee, Minimum Service, and A La Carte Brokers


The same strategy that low-cost airlines utilize is also becoming more common in the real estate industry. Consumers find it attractive to only pay for what they need. If they aren’t traveling with luggage, why should they pay the same price as a passenger that does? For buyers and sellers, why not do some of… Read more

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