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Why Real Estate is Great to Enter with a Partner

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Being a real estate agent provides the opportunity to help people achieve their dreams of homeownership. It can be a very rewarding, lucrative profession. But when first starting out, success can be difficult for agents to achieve on their own – this is why many of them join real estate teams. Here’s why joining a… Read more

Electronic Transactions, Signatures, and Records

Blog, Real Estate

Technology continues to alter the practice of real estate. Letters and phone calls give way to emails and text messages. Professionals use online tools and programs to facilitate review and signatures on transactional documents. Understanding the parameters for conducting transactions electronically will help avoid risks to your clients or your practice. The Uniform Electronic Transactions… Read more

Plain Language: Insurance Agent’s Secret Weapon

Blog, Insurance

What Is Plain Language Plain language conveys information so the intended audience can read, understand, and act upon it. It means using the most straightforward language that accurately conveys the meaning, not simply “dumbing down”. Why Use Plain Language In Insurance Complex language doesn’t make you look more intelligent. You can only explain a concept… Read more

More Referral Sources for Mortgage Loan Officers

Blog, Mortgage Lending, Real Estate

In order to be a successful mortgage lender, it’s important for you to have multiple referral sources. Establishing the referral sources can be difficult to do though. Thinking outside of the box and looking beyond local real estate agents and financial planners could be very helpful to you. The following guide provides two referral source… Read more

Establishing Your New Brokerage

Blog, Real Estate

Obtaining a broker’s license is an accomplishment in and of itself. Setting up your brokerage is the next logical step for real estate entrepreneurs. This business enterprise requires careful planning and preparation. There are many considerations beyond your brokerage name and location. Below are some items to consider when designing your brokerage business plan. The… Read more

How Appraisers Deal with Difficult Homeowners

Appraisal, Blog, Real Estate

Being a real estate appraiser can be a fascinating career. After an apprenticeship under a seasoned veteran and finishing up the pre-license/certification coursework, the adventure can truly begin. However, one thing no amount of classroom instruction nor experience as an apprentice can impart is dealing with difficult homeowners/customers. The first thing you need to do… Read more

Home Inspectors: Water Quality Testing

Blog, Home Inspection

There are many times when the water in a home seems fine because nothing abnormal is seen in the water and it doesn’t have an odd smell to it. The fact is, there could be issues that aren’t easily noticed or detectable without extensive testing. The following guide walks you through what to remember when… Read more

Ohio Supreme Court Declines to Hear Hybrid Commissions Case


  The Ohio Supreme Court had declined jurisdiction to hear Smythe Cramer’s appeal from trial and appellate court opinions certifying a class action lawsuit against it for fraud and unjust enrichment. The underlying lawsuit stems from a case filed in 2012, wherein the plaintiffs allege that Smythe Cramer’s practice of collecting a $225 administrative or… Read more

How Insurance Agents Cross-Sell to Current Clients

Blog, Insurance

As an insurance agent, cross-selling will provide you with a significant stream of income. You might earn a commission or bonus for every financial product you cross-sell, so this is a great way to make some extra cash. Cross-selling to current clients is far easier than trying to convince new customers to take out extra… Read more

5 More Marketing Tips for Mortgage Loan Officers

Blog, Mortgage Lending

Marketing is a part of business that many people struggle with. As a mortgage loan officer, you likely face many of the same challenges when it comes to finding new clients. While a strong marketing strategy is key to growth, laying one out will take time along with a good deal of trial-and-error. Here are… Read more

Ohio Real Estate Market Included in Class Action Lawsuit


A group of home sellers has filed a federal class-action lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and some of the nation’s largest brokerage firms, alleging antitrust violations. The brokerage firms named include Realogy (franchisor of Better Homes Real Estate, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, ERA Real Estate and Sotheby’s brands), Home Services of America… Read more

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