8 Careers You Can Get with a Real Estate Education


Real Estate Education

Getting a real estate education can open the door to a vast selection of new careers. You might think of an agent when real estate comes to mind, but there are more options beyond becoming a salesperson.

1. Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker is similar to a salesperson, but they can do so much more than an agent. The main difference is that a broker can write the contracts used to sell, list or buy property. Some brokers who have additional certification can actually have several agents who work under them, which is a big responsibility. In some states, many start out as an agent and then become a broker, as they want to keep moving up the real estate career ladder.

2. House Flipper

House flippers buy run-down properties and work into them, raising their value. Then they sell them and make a profit. Part-time house flippers often live in the properties they are flipping, while those who make it a full-time business will work on multiple properties at one time. They rely on a real estate education to know the rules and regulations in their area to stay compliant and better complete.

3. Insurance Expert

There are many different types of insurance, and many of them relate to real estate. Becoming an insurance agent will allow you to provide new homeowners and renters with the insurance they need to protect their investments. It’s a rewarding career that genuinely helps people. Everyone needs multiple types of insurance, so it’s an industry that will always be relevant.

4. Property Manager

Property managers take care of rented homes and commercial properties for owners. They set rent prices, find tenants and manage everything related to leases. They also take care of maintenance and even emergencies at the properties. Basically, they do everything that busy property owners may not have the time for. Having a real estate education would allow them to better serve their residents.

5. Mortgage Specialist

Everyone needs a mortgage to buy a home; unless they pay in cash straight away, which is rare. Mortgage specialists, or a Loan Officer, help potential homeowners by looking at all of their financial information and determining what kind of mortgage they can get and how much it will be. A mortgage broker can soothe the worries of stressed buyers by acting as a liaison between banks and these hopeful homeowners, cutting out a lot of legwork for borrowers.

6. Escrow Officer

Escrow is the portion of a real estate transaction performed by a neutral third party. The escrow officer is in charge of keeping funds in a neutral location until the deal is done. They also make sure the complex paperwork is correct and sent to the right people. Escrow officers make sure there are no mistakes and that both the buyer and seller have received impartial treatment.

7. Real Estate Appraiser

In the home buying process, it is usually the lenders who hire an appraiser. Lenders want to know the official value of the home that they’re lending. This professional takes all the details of the property into account and comes up with its dollar value. Real estate appraisers must be licensed. Even if you already have a license, there are continuing education requirements that appraisers must take to keep current on the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Appraisals may also be required for certain insurance applications.

8. Professional Home Inspector

Property buyers often choose to have potential properties inspected professionally to make sure there are no hidden problems. Some homeowners choose to have an inspection performed if they believe that there is an issue like mold behind the walls. Home inspectors are also sometimes hired for insurance purposes, or to help determine the value of a home.

All of these in-demand professions can be elevated with a real estate education or, in many cases, are required. Hondros College of Business offers multiple tracks that can get you to where you want to be in the real estate industry. Discover your dream career and start your journey TODAY!

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