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Collateral Underwriter and the End of Time

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Remember when Fannie Mae and others implemented the 1004MC, Market Conditions Addendum? How about the Uniform Appraisal Data set? What do these events have in common? Appraisers nationwide bemoaned that… Read more

Improving Economy Helps Buoy Housing

Mortgage Lending, News

Daily Real Estate News Recent drops in oil prices and mortgage rates, along with positive tailwinds in the economy, are helping to jump-start the housing market in the new year,… Read more

‘Empowered’ Appliances Link Home, Internet


Want to be able to start and stop you washing machine and dryer while having dinner out? How about managing your home thermostat and security system? All is possible with… Read more

Handwritten Notes Get Attention, What A Concept


Amanda Ross talks about an old-fashioned, yet attention getting concept in this article, sending Handwritten notes to your database of business contacts at least twice a year. Think about it,… Read more

Education Tops 2015 New Year’s Resolutions


With every New Year comes new resolutions. We ponder how we lived our lives the year before and vow to change in the year to come. We wonder what we… Read more

Simple Gestures to Keep Clients


Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)! How many times have we all heard this advice throughout our lives and careers. This article by Andrew Flachner points out 5 Simple Gestures you… Read more

5 resolutions that will supercharge seller communication


How often do you communicate with a client after listing their home for sale? Do you communicate at all, or wait for them to call you to ask what is… Read more

New Dialogue, New Tools, Some of the Same Old Problems

Appraisal, News

The past couple of months have been busy! In that time I have attended multiple appraisal conferences on behalf of Hondros Learning and Hondros College to keep all of us… Read more

Hondros Family of Companies Gives Back this Holiday Season


Throughout the state of Ohio, more than 650,000 children are uncertain of when their next meal will be. That’s enough to fill OSU stadium more than six times. In order… Read more

Median New Home Prices in October Set Record

Blog, Mortgage Lending

redcrosswestmo.com The median price of new homes sold in October rose to an all-time high of $305,000 while the average price was $401,000, according to data from the U.S. Census… Read more

4 Insights that ‘WOW’ Potential Homebuying Clients


This article reminded me of the traits I’d like to see in my next Real Estate Agent, especially if I’m buying a home. While these 4 insights seem very commonsensical… Read more

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