Make 2017 Your Best Real Estate Year Yet



I hope your 2017 has gotten off to an amazing start for your real estate business. The Ohio real estate market is HOT right now and I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 has in store.

Do you want to make 2017 your best year in real estate EVER? Here are 3 tips to set yourself up for success.

#1 Set Goals

Setting goals is so important to success. What is your sales goal for 2017? If you haven’t already, pick your number and make sure it is written somewhere you will look at it EVERYDAY! Also, don’t be afraid to aim high – studies have shown that the higher the goal the higher your performance will be.

Now that you have your sales goal, make sure you have a business plan with strategies and actionable steps for how you will reach those goals this year. Open your laptop or tablet and start writing. Ask yourself:  How will you reach those goals? What else do you want to focus on this year? Is it improving your follow-up with leads? How about implementing safety procedures? Better marketing? Learning to use time blocking strategies? Pick a few and elaborate on how you will achieve them. Remember to keep it simple. I recommend 5 goals or less so you can truly focus on them.

#2 Refresh your Marketing

Take a good, hard look at your listing presentation. Unless you just perfected it in the last month or two, then it’s time to update! Also, it’s crucial to look at your website, email templates, print flyers, social ads and pages. Whether it is time for a complete redesign or just design tweaks, make sure to go through each channel you have and refresh every few months.  What does your brand say about you? Make sure it’s always fresh, up to date and the best representation of you.

#3  Keep Improving Yourself

I am such a big believer that one of the most important keys to success is to never stop learning. I challenge you to think about something you would like to learn this year. It could be to get better with technology, become more organized, develop a niche, build a team, or start a brokerage…the options are endless!  Make sure not to get so busy going from one task to the next that you miss the huge opportunity to take your sales to the next level by broadening your skill set.

In addition to being a licensed Realtor, I’m a Hondros Ambassador and I invite you to check out all the education and professional development options offered by Hondros and the Alumni Association. A couple courses I’m eyeing this year are the Creating Wealth Through Real Estate Investments or the Accredited Buyer Representative courses.  You can see all the options online at

Share with us how you are making this year amazing for your career by joining in the conversation with us at #HondrosAlumni on Facebook or Twitter.

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