Attending the NAR Convention: 3 Conclusions from a First Time Attendee


The National Association of Realtors conference was held November 3rd -7th in Orlando, Florida. Hondros Education Group had a huge presence there this year and I had the exciting opportunity to attend. Here are three thoughts I wanted to share with my fellow real estate agents now that I’m back home.

Education is the foundation to continued success

When asked the question “What is the most important piece of advice you would give a new agent?” the most common answer we received among successful real estate agents attending the conference was “Never stop learning.” I have been reflecting on this in the days since NAR.  I’m not sure what I expected the answer to be – maybe advice on creating a business plan and working that plan, embracing the latest technology or perfecting negotiation skills. Yet, the answer we heard over and over was the correlation between success and education.

It makes sense though, doesn’t it? The real estate market and the needs of our clients are constantly evolving. Real estate agents who constantly seek to better themselves through learning naturally will be able to handle complex situations better and that will result in a higher success level.  If your goal is to be successful – whether it is your first year in real estate or your twentieth – make sure to set aside time each week to learn. Whether that is in the form of real estate continuing education, professional development or a real estate coach, it is important to block time each week to focus on yourself.

There is no substitute for the basics.

As a “first timer” to the NAR conference, I was pretty impressed with the sheer size of the conference.  19,000 REALTORS in attendance from 60 countries and over 400 vendors. Four packed days of education sessions on how to improve your business as an agent. Let me put it this way, you could spend all of 2017 implementing new ideas and strategies from the conference and there would still be hundreds of ideas left.

I love technology and social media and how I have been able to use it to grow my business as an agent. I always keep in mind though, that while there will always be that shiny new marketing tool; the most important parts of our business should never change:

  • Be honest and ethical.
  • Work hard for your client’s best interest.
  • Answer your phone. Respond to text messages and email.
  • Think about what you say and more importantly how you say it.
  • Always do what you say you will do.
  • If you don’t know the answer, find it out.
  • Genuinely care about your clients and your fellow agents.

Remember to always do what’s right and the success will follow.

I am so proud to be a part of the real estate industry.

It’s no secret that our days as real estate agents can feel a little like the roller coaster rides at Universal Studios.  There are the ups (and we LOVE the ups!)…beating out five other offers, your clients teary-eyed thanking you for all that you have done for them, a client’s home going into contract after just hours on the market, closing days! And then there are the downs… deals that fall through at the last minute, a bad home inspection, low appraisals, or just an extremely difficult client. If you have been in the industry more than two days, you know what I mean.

At NAR I had the opportunity to speak to amazing people from around the globe and I was reminded how this industry is like no other. Despite the everyday ups and downs, as agents we know that we are blessed each day with the precious opportunity to help people find a place to call home. Home. Where their lives will take place. The backdrop to their children’s memories. A place to feel safe. Shelter. Security. The American Dream. We get to do that, each and every day. I couldn’t think of a better career- could you?

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