Real Estate Safety- Best Practices


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As real estate agents I believe we have one of the best jobs in the world; we get to help make the dream of home ownership a reality! As my real estate business has grown and I reach more and more people, it has led me to think about what safety tips I can do to protect myself.  Here are safety precautions you can take to help keep yourself safe. Check with your Broker to see what your policies are for your specific company.

Here are some of the best practices I have found:

  1. Meet potential clients you don’t know at the office or a public place for the first time. I have found that adding this extra step of asking questions really helps me get to know my clients and better serve them! At the very minimum, make sure you get some information before meeting them: name, contact information, current address and vehicle information. Remember, never meet someone you don’t know by yourself.
  2. Use the internet and social media to your advantage. Check the information clients gave you using your local Auditor website or social media. If something doesn’t check out – that is a red flag.
  3. Establish a real estate safety buddy and always trust your gut instinct. If you ever feel uncomfortable for any reason, have your safety buddy join you on the appointment.
  4. Have a safety plan. Always make sure someone knows what homes you are showing and to who. This could be a member of your team, your spouse, or anyone you really trust.
  5. Invest in a self-defense product. Many agents I know have pepper spray at the very least. Some also have their concealed carry license or carry a Taser or stun gun.
  6. When you are showing a home, don’t leave the key in the door or the lock box open. This could allow people to follow you in.
  7. Be aware of your surroundings and always know your exits. Always let clients go into the room first so you can stand by the door. I find this to be a great way to let them explore the home and a good safety precaution.
  8. Don’t drive clients or prospects in your car unless you know them very well.
  9. Get a safety app – there are many apps out there that allow loved ones to track your location and offer panic / emergency buttons.
  10. Make sure your cell phone is always fully charged and you have gas in your tank!

Get in the conversation of real estate safety with us on our social media pages and share your best practices for safety with us!

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