Appraisers’ Best Defense is Education

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By Tim Dettey, Certified General Real Property Appraiser, AQB Certified USPAP Instructor, Hondros College Appraisal Lead Faculty, Senior Editor, Appraisal Programs – Hondros Learning

There are a lot of reasons why appraising is a great profession. One of those reasons is that the profession is rapidly evolving, with new technology and ways of doing things that make life so much easier for appraisers today. Change keeps things exciting. Those already in the business are challenged daily to adapt to the ever-changing world of appraisal and become better.  Even those new to the appraisal industry must be ready to learn new ways of doing things, right out of the gate.

Recently, I attended a state-wide appraisal seminar that featured many excellent speakers and presentations. As I was taking in the presenter’s messages, one thing became very apparent – appraisers today must rely on educational opportunities to a greater degree than ever before. Now, more than ever, appraisers must be highly informed and work smarter. Without meaningful education, learning new and different ways of doing things and developing a firm grasp of accepted appraisal methodology and appraisal standards of practice, appraisers will be left behind or could easily find themselves in trouble, even though unintentionally.

In the good old days (just a few years ago), continuing education for many appraisers was a necessary evil, only being completed to satisfy the requirements of their licensing. Attendees didn’t usually challenge themselves with anything new or different. I recall, a few years ago, an appraiser bragging that he took the Fundamentals of Sales Comparison every year for the past several years. Probably, this appraiser paid little attention to what was even being discussed and really didn’t gain anything from his continuing education, other than collecting a certificate at the end of the class. Today, all of us who are credentialed members of the appraisal profession, must make our continuing education commitment much more. We must think of continuing education as a way to equip ourselves for our own defense.

Of all the bells and whistles available to appraisers today, knowledge gained through education is the greatest tool. For example, many appraisers are talking about how their appraisal reports are being sent back for corrections, clarification, or further commentary. The Hondros College report writing continuing education course deeply explores defensible practices for quality report writing. Another common issue is appraisers being questioned about USPAP compliance, or being asked to do certain things that would be questionable or non-compliant with USPAP. In today’s world, lack of knowledge of USPAP can be the sword that slays the appraiser. However, a good grasp of USPAP should be thought of as the lifeboat necessary to keep the appraiser afloat. The USPAP continuing education courses presented by Hondros College offers a multitude of real world examples and solutions that are designed to create a better understanding of the very situations that most frequently challenge appraisers.

Knowledge is the greatest asset in today’s appraisal world. We are proud to bring you the highest quality of appraisal continuing education. Whether you are attending our courses in the classroom or online, we are so glad you’re here!

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