What Your Clients Really Want in a Home Inspection

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Selling, buying or building a home can be an emotional experience. It’s important to be a trustworthy, knowledgeable resource during the process of working with real estate agents or home buyers and sellers. A good rule of thumb is to inspect each and every home as if you or your family would be living there. Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

Keep it simple

Less is more, especially when it comes to home inspection reports. An excellent report is not too specific, yet not too vague. Detailing the findings in bullet points make the report direct and easy to comprehend. Keep it organized with sections, headers and descriptions wherever necessary.

Provide visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words – or at least worth a great experience with a home inspector! Help your clients understand what you’re referencing by incorporating photography in your reports.

You can get a great point-and-shoot camera for a good price that won’t be difficult to tote around. In fact, many digital cameras will easily fit in your pocket. Taking photos is great for record keeping as well. Save photos on your computer for three months past the date of sale in case any client questions should arise.

Share your knowledge & offer recommendations

Many customers may not be aware of next steps. Lay it all out there for them and by clearly telling them how to address any issues in the home. A good way to look at it: You are there to find solutions, not problems. Whether the direction is to monitor the issue or bring in a specialist for further evaluation, let your clients know what they can do. In addition, offering ballpark estimates show your expertise and may be very helpful, as most clients may not know those costs off the top of their head.

Be quick (but thorough!)

Streamline the home inspection process as much as possible. Have a checklist, and share it with your client beforehand, so they are aware of everything that will be inspected in the home. It will help you to stay on track and not forget a single aspect of the inspection, and after checking the home, share the completed checklist with the client along with the report. This will provide confirmation that the entire inspection is completely detailed.

If you work well with home buyers, real estate agents will be more inclined to offer your services when the time comes. Along with these tips, here is a list of home inspection tools that will help you to achieve success one home inspection at a time.

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