Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Appraisal License


upgrade appraisal license

Are you stuck in a rut and wish you could advance your appraisal career?

Consider an upgrade.

Upgrading your appraisal license comes along with many benefits. From increased income potential to leadership opportunities to local market advantage, a license upgrade can offer you a more satisfying career. Here are five reasons to move up in your appraisal career:

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1. Boost your income.

According to Payscale, in October, the median salary for real estate appraisers is $52,442, while commercial real estate appraisers bring in $77,564 on average. Appraisal assistants and licensed appraisers are bound by transaction limits. Upgrading to become a certified residential or general appraiser allows you to complete appraisals without regard to those transactions.

2. Diversify your day and portfolio.

When you upgrade your appraisal license, you open the door for added variety – you’ll be able to work with new clients and take on new challenges.

3. Expand and share your knowledge.

When you upgrade your license, you’ll be able to explore appraisal opportunities you may not have been introduced to before. And, with a license upgrade comes leadership opportunities. As your further your education and advance in your career, you’ll become a go-to expert in your area.

4. Stand out.

In 2016, Appraisal Institute reported that only 31% of appraisers are certified general appraisers. Set yourself apart from the crowd by joining this group, and give yourself an advantage in the local market by growing your brand and reputation.

5. Fulfill your dreams.

Upgrading your license gives you more control over your career. You’ll enjoy stability in your work by choosing which assignments and market niche matter most to you. If you’re driven by setting and achieving goals, you’ll be nothing but satisfied when you accomplish the career move.

Ready to work your way up the appraisal ladder? Learn more about how to upgrade your license today.

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