Top Questions for Your Real Estate Interview in Ohio

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For previous job interviews, you have probably prepared by practicing answers to the most common interview questions. But preparing for a real estate agent interview is a different ballgame.

While you certainly must be prepared to answer questions, you must also be ready to ask questions. Let’s discuss the job-hunting process for real estate agents by focusing on the top questions for a broker interview.

Key Takeaways:

    • Real estate agents in Ohio must work under a licensed broker, so finding the right brokerage is crucial.
    • It’s important to talk with different brokerages to find the best fit, considering their resources and support.
    • Understand commission splits, desk fees, and potential earnings.

How to Find a Job in Real Estate

Real estate agents in Ohio must work for a brokerage (and under the supervision of a broker.) Brokers are experienced real estate agents who receive additional training and are licensed to oversee other agents’ work. Before beginning work as an agent, you must sign on with a brokerage.

You may talk with several different brokerages to find one that is the right fit. This interview experience will be unlike any other you have experienced outside the real estate industry. While many brokerages are choosy about who they let join their ranks, real estate agents may also be particular when selecting a brokerage. After all, brokerages provide different levels of resources and support, so you need to find the right one to suit your needs.

Here’s some guidance on what to ask a broker during an interview.

Top Questions for a Broker Interview

Since a broker interview is a unique type of interview, it’s wise to go into the meeting prepared. Here are some general topics to cover.

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General questions to ask a broker

Clear expectations are crucial in every business relationship. Make sure you understand what is expected from you by asking the following questions at your interview:

  • How many transactions per year do you expect me to close?
  • Do you allow part-time agents?
  • What expectations do you have of me?

Learn 16 more general questions to ask your broker by reviewing this guide.


You must understand your commission split before you agree to work for a brokerage. Ask if there’s a desk fee or cap on commissions – and how much you might expect to earn the first year.

Confused about commissions? Here are some additional questions to ask a broker about how you will get paid as a real estate agent.


Some brokerages have new agents pay for their training, or they may require new agents to stay with the brokerage for a set amount of time after they complete a training program.

Did you know that some brokerages require new agents to share commissions with mentors? Click here to learn other standard training practices for brokerages.


Finding clients will be your highest priority as a new agent. Ask how the brokerage will support you with this endeavor. For example, is office floor time available? What kind of advertising does the brokerage provide?

Technology and other resources

If you aren’t already, you will become highly dependent on technology as a real estate agent. All that technology comes at a cost. What resources or staffing will the brokerage provide?

In addition to learning about policies and procedures, you’ll want to ask questions that will allow you to ascertain the brokerage’s culture and values. You may also want to ask about real estate teams or niches.

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