Tina Lapp is installed as 2016 President of REEA!


At Hondros, one of our values we were founded on is the concept of giving back. Whether to the community, our employees or our students you can find examples everyday of Hondros quietly doing the right thing. Many employees also volunteer for local and national organizations.  In that spirit we are proud to announce Tina Lapp, President of Hondros College, has become the 2016-2017 President of the Real Estate Educators Association (REEA). Tina will be inaugurated at the 2016 REEA Conference in Denver, Colorado June 10th.

REEA provides resources and opportunities for professional development to individuals and organizations involved in Real Estate education, and is dedicated to delivery of high-quality sales associates to the nation’s real estate brokers, regulators, and, ultimately, to consumers. As a leader herself in Real Estate education for over two decades, Tina knows the value of high standards that drive quality education and its importance to the real estate industry.

In her 22+ year career at Hondros, she has helped to provide pre-license education to over 300,000 real estate agents. She has seen the booms, and the busts, in the industry. When we asked Tina what she is passionate about she brought it back to Hondros’ core value which is and always has been offering the best education for licensees to be successful in their careers.

Tina shared, “Real estate professionals play a critical role in assisting their clients with navigating what arguably is the largest financial transaction of their lives. Consequences for consumers harmed by licensee negligence can be life changing and financially devastating. This is one reason I am questioning the current proposed changes to Ohio’s pre-license education requirements. We need to strengthen the standards, not erode them.”

Tina went on to say, “I believe it will be a grievous error to allow pre-licensure education through distance learning that is unaccredited, unregulated and unchecked. As President of Hondros and REEA, I believe state law should support education that produces the best educated and most professional real estate licensees. In Ohio, that means supporting what was originally enacted: requiring all pre-licensure education programs for salesperson and broker licenses to be accredited through an institution of higher learning. “

As members of the real estate community, join us in congratulating Tina Lapp, for her accomplishment in being named 2016-2017 President of the Real Estate Educators Association. As a champion for quality real estate education, we can’t wait to see what else Tina will do to help our industry this year and in the future.

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