Do You Have Supra Powers?


Supra Powers

In today’s market, integrity and accountability are two attributes that clients look for in a Realtor. Are you aware of how “Supra Powers” can assist with and possibly increase your business? Have you educated yourself as to how the Supra Network can help protect your clients’ homes and personal property?

The Supra Network consists of two main components. First, the iBOX, a far superior upgrade to the old lockbox we all once knew and used. It has replaced the standard push button and combination lock boxes with a higher degree of security and assurance for both you and your clients. Second, the Supra eKEY, which can be obtained through an app on your smartphone or with an independent fob called the XpressKEY. The Supra eKEY/XpressKEY and the leased iBOX are registered with Supra United Technologies and the Board of Realtors with which the agent is a member. The advanced technology of the Supra Network allows the listing agent to be immediately notified by email of the name of the agent, home inspector, or appraiser entering the property that also utilizes the Supra Network. In addition, the information provided to the listing agent includes the license number of the showing agent, inspector or appraiser along with the brokerage affiliation or business name, email address, and telephone number as soon as the key is removed from the iBOX. The listing agent is then notified when the key is returned to the iBOX along with the duration of the showing time in minutes.

Standard push button or combination lock boxes potentially allow unethical agents to give their clients the codes to gain access and view properties unaccompanied. This conduct is in direct violation of both the Canon and Code Of Ethics but, sadly, it happens more often than anyone wants to admit. Thanks to the Supra Network, you can extinguish the fears of your clients with the assurance that no one can enter their property without your knowledge. In addition, you can tell your clients, “If you come home to find all of the lights on and the back door unlocked, I know who to call to address these issues.”

Membership with the Supra Network is not currently mandated by brokers or real estate associations. That said, the agent who uses this technology has a major advantage over those who do not and this point should be driven home when you are delivering your listing presentation. If an agent is not a member of the Supra Network, then she must borrow an XpressKEY from another agent, join the Supra Network or make arrangements with you to help them gain access to the property another way. The protection of their homes and their personal property are foremost in your clients’ minds when they list with you. What better way to calm their fears, eliminate their concerns, and highlight your “edge” than by being a member of the Supra Network?

Do you have Supra Powers?

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