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When Do Real Estate Agents Offer a Selling Bonus?

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More and more, Realtors are seeing listing agents offering bonuses to buying agents if homes are placed under contract by a certain date. Bonus opportunities are not permitted to be mentioned in the “Public Remarks”. Rather, they can only be found in the “Broker’s Remarks”. This is a seller’s market and, with such a depleted… Read more

Real Estate Agents Need to Mind Their Auto-Correct

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Real estate is a fast-paced, always changing career – agents use a variety of ways to communicate with their clients and others involved in the buying or selling process. The problem when some agents forgo proper communication skills in favor of being more casual and approachable. The results are misunderstood statements, contractual errors, dissension between… Read more

Who’s Paying? Disclosing Broker Transaction Fees


Almost every brokerage has a set transaction fee they contractually charge to both their sellers and buyers. The brokerage fee is designed to offset the cost of the overhead such as office supply expenses and the costs of the salary/hourly non-licensed employees. The broker transaction fee is a set fee, and, on average, they range… Read more

When to Sign The Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships

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The Consumer Guide To Agency Relationships is one of two state-mandated forms that Realtors should be experts on before they even sit for the state licensing exam. So, when interacting with clients, why are Realtors failing to get a signature at the “first substantive contact”? This isn’t a case of “If you don’t use it… Read more

Texting Your Real Estate License Into a Suspension


Text messaging has become ingrained in our daily lives. Not a day goes by that a person does not send or receive at least one text message from coworkers, friends, or family. The content of the texts varies from “what’s for dinner” to “did you pick up my dry cleaning?” to “I think we should… Read more

When Agents Manipulate the Multiple Listing Service


There is a growing trend in real estate where listing agents are taking their fledgling listings off of the market as “Withdrawn With Release”. They then immediately put them back on the market as “Active”. Along with this, there’s a new Multiple Listing Service number, sometimes a new property description, and possibly new photos. But… Read more

When to Recommend Upgrades to Clients


A listing agent is often asked by the seller, “What improvements should I make to the house to get the best price?” This puts the Realtor directly in the limelight as to his/her expertise in the area market and, going forward, may determine whether he/she will get future referrals from the seller based on performance…. Read more

Realtors, Clients, and Nanny Cams at Open Houses


On August 10, 1948, Allen Funt brought the funny, popular, and long-running show “Candid Camera” to television. It turns out Mr. Funt was good at predicting the future because cameras are all around us these days. We can’t walk a step without seeing someone take a photo or video with their cell phone. Or watch… Read more

The Word NO Is In TechNOlogy For A Reason


This is an age of sophisticated technology in which almost everyone has the capability of conducting most of their business from their smartphone. Popular applications, such as DotLoop and DocuSign, allow you to read contracts, electronically sign them, and return them to the sender within seconds. While time-saving, is it really the best way to… Read more

Do You Have Supra Powers?


In today’s market, integrity and accountability are two attributes that clients look for in a Realtor. Are you aware of how “Supra Powers” can assist with and possibly increase your business? Have you educated yourself as to how the Supra Network can help protect your clients’ homes and personal property? The Supra Network consists of… Read more

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