Simple Gestures to Keep Clients


Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)! How many times have we all heard this advice throughout our lives and careers. This article by Andrew Flachner points out 5 Simple Gestures you can do to show your clients you appreciate their business, and that you want to retain that business for years to come.
All of these are simple things, not complicated, and I bet you have done some or all of them over time. Maybe you have stopped doing some of them for whatever reason, but now is the time to start again.
Repeat clients accounted for 20% of Real Estate Agent’s business in 2013. Here are 5 Simple Gestures you can start using today to help you get your share of that repeat business.
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1. Send a handwritten note to your clients. How many handwritten notes do you get in the mail? Not many, I guess. Take an hour a week to sit down and write notes to your clients. Thank them for their business, wish them a happy anniversary, congratulate them on the birth of a child, or just say hello.
2. Break bread with them. Or have a cup of coffee to catch up. People appreciate the thought of a call/invitation to get together. And hey, even if your client can’t find time to meet with you, they will appreciate and remember the invitation.
3. Think local and be memorable. If you decide to give a client a gift at closing, thanking them for the listing or purchase, think about giving them something from a local merchant, something that helps your client learn more about and appreciate their community.
4. Ease the moving in day chaos. Do you remember the last time you moved? And especially the very day the truck was unloaded? How nice it would have been to have lunch show up, or maybe some cool (or warm) drinks? There are many things you might do to help a client get through the first day or two when they move into a new home.
5. Support your client’s business. Do your clients own businesses, or work in businesses you can support? If so, do. They will appreciate it.
Please see the entire article for complete ideas and ways you can show your clients how much you appreciate them putting their trust in you to help you buy or sell a home.

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